WinRAR 2021 – Download WinRAR computer for the latest version

You can use WinRAR to decompress files and restore them to their normal size. Compression programs are used when files are uploaded to file upload sites and these files are partitioned into more than one file in order to facilitate the upload process.

Thus, when downloading all files, the program merges them together, in addition to reducing the size of the files a lot, so it is easy to download from the Internet, and thus most of the files are downloaded from the Internet in the form of WinRAR compressed.

If you search for computer programs, media files, or even movies on the Internet and their area is large, then of course you will find them compressed, in the form of a single file, whatever inside it contains a number of parts, those parts are restored again through decompressing programs, whether it is Wiener or Winzip, where there are double benefits of this process, is that file upload sites on the Internet give you a certain size for each part.

Thus, if you have a file that exceeds the requirements for uploading it on these sites, then you will split it into several parts to facilitate the upload process with you and then re-download and then collect it again, in addition to that the Winrar program helps to reduce the size of any file that is compressed and here also benefit from reducing The consumption of your internet download speed.

WinRAR features

  • Supports many languages, where you can install the program in most languages.
  • Supports all ZIP and RAR compressed file extensions.
  • It has the ability to decompress compressed files in many formats including CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, UUE, BZ2.
  • Computer program is small and light, and therefore does not require high specifications.
    Unzip all zip files and recreate the parts again.
  • You can divide the files into several parts to facilitate uploading them online.
  • You can make a password for compressed files to be protected from theft or unauthorized use.
  • Ease of use when decompressing or compressing files.
  • Reducing the size of core files and thus saving space for use or storing files with these extensions on the hard disk.
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WinRAR defects

No major updates are issued from the program’s private developer, as the program does not issue periodic updates from it in the short term, but it does not need updates given that its work does not need more updates or additions.

Steps to install WinRAR decompressor

Click here to download WinRAR program for free

Open the file you downloaded to start the steps to install the program, then click Install.

The next window shows you the files that the program supports, leave it as is to ensure that all the extensions that the program works through, and then press OK.

Wait for seconds to install successfully, the program is very light and within two seconds you will find the program installed successfully on your computer, and then press Done.

How to use WinRAR to decompress zip files

If you have any files compressed with ZIP or RAR extensions click on it, WinRAR will open for you automatically.

You can open any of the files with other extensions, but the ZIP and RAR extensions are the most common and used.

The program window will open with the zip file you want to decompress it for use, as in the following image, choose Extract To as the arrow.

The zip file settings will appear with you, you can choose a new location on the hard disk or keep the settings as they are, to unzip the pressure in the same location as the zip file, and then press OK.

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Wait a while for the file to be decompressed, this timer depends on the file area you want to decompress, but in any case it takes only a few minutes.

Then go to the zip folder to find the new file with the regular file icon in yellow, you can now use the file.

How to compress files using WinRAR

On the other hand, if you want to upload a folder on the Internet and there are many files inside it, you can compress it through the program to be one folder for easy uploading on the Internet.

Simply go to the folder you want to compress, and clicking on the right of the mouse shows you a lot of properties, choose the option as in the red box.

You’ll find the new zip file next to the original, and now you can use it easily.

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