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In continuation of the video montage programs by which you can cut videos through the computer’s video cutting program for free, in addition to the photo editing programs that include the program of merging pictures with songs, you therefore own your own studio through which you will perform any operations of montage and editing of pictures and videos, so these are The software enables you to expand the creation of the videos you want and build a fan base on social media, and on the other hand you can share them on your YouTube channels.

about free video cutter program

Free Video Cutter is one of the programs that you can rely on in the process of cutting video to the computer for free, as it is based on easy tools that enable you to make the adjustments that you want on your video, whether you want to make an integrated video, you may want to get a program to merge images with video For the computer to get a full video, and then you can take a full video clip based on this easy and smooth program to use.

The new version of the video cutting program for the computer can work on all the extensions and formats of the videos to deal with easily and the process of cutting and cutting very professionally and accurately in determining the time you want to get the video from, thus giving you the choice between setting the start period and the end period of the video to be cut, and then you Save it independently to your hard disk.

Formats and extensions supported by the program
Looking at the Free Video Cutter program, we find it supports many video formats, so you will not have problems adding the videos that you want to cut, because most of the time they will not go away from the many extensions that the program supports, such as: AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, M4V, and thus You will find it works easily on all operating systems in the computer with different kernel operating system, 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

Free Video Cutter features

  • Free program for all users.
  • The program is light on the computer and thus does not cause slow operation or browsing on the Internet.
  • Easy to use through the simple window in the program.
  • It does not require much experience or a professional person to do the video cutting process, but you can follow the explanation in the following paragraphs.
  • It contains the tools necessary for a successful video editing and trimming process.
  • Easily define the start and end times of the video to be trimmed.
  • Save the video in the highest possible quality to your hard disk wherever you choose.

Disadvantages of Free Video Cutter

  • The program does not contain many tools because in its entirety its tasks lie in cutting the video, so
  • you do not need a lot of tools and buttons.
  • You cannot write on video.

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How to install Free Video Cutter

Click here to download Free Video Cutter program for free

The next window will appear as the first step in installing Free Video Cutter.

Choose “Next”.

Accept the terms of the first choice and then click on “Next”.

The previous window shows you where to install the program on your computer, if you want to change the location, choose “Browse” or leave it as it was to be installed on the hard disk C.

The program will be installed in the program Free Video Cutter, click on “Next”.

The program tells you that it will create an icon for the program on the desktop, press Next.

Click on “Install”, and wait for the program to successfully download to your computer. The following window will appear.

Choose “Finish” to open the program with you.

How to use Free Video Cutter for PC

The next window is the main window of the program, and we will explain the steps to use the program.

Explain the steps by explaining the numbers in the previous window: –

  1. Choose the video you want to trim.
  2. Choose a start time.
  3. Choose the end time of the video to extract from the original video.
  4. Choose the format and extension for the video you cut before saving it.
  5. Save the video you got where you want it.

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