Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Mozilla Firefox

Internet browsers have become diverse and abundant on the World Wide Web. Perhaps Firefox is still at the top of these programs, but of course there are some users who prefer Google Chrome, as each program has features and tools that some prefer due to the quality of their use in browsing or reading private email. With them, but at the end of the day competition remains fierce between these browsers, while every company pushes the updates and some tools and capabilities that make it at the forefront, but the field still widens for this competition where billions around the world of users resort to it in their work.

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About Mozilla Firefox program

The Mozilla Firefox program with the old name still has a sweeping popularity among users, perhaps because it is the oldest Internet browser software, and perhaps actually that it is one of the best programs effective and fast in its performance on the Internet, the program is produced by the giant Firefox company, this gives it a somewhat advantage compared to Others due to the company’s ongoing updates and developments to this day, as the program is now limited to the name Firefox and it is enough to make you rush to use it due to a number of features that we mention in the next paragraph.

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Mozilla Firefox features

  • The first feature of the program is that it is free for all users around the world.
  • Updates are always continuous, which makes the program have stronger and better performance than the previous version.
  • You can browse many websites by adding a tab at the top of the page that moves between them completely freely.
  • Add themes and change the look of the browser.
  • You can block popups that appear to you with annoying images.
  • It protects you from entering any potentially harmful files or viruses.
  • It has a hidden browsing mode, which can block any information you enter at the moment of browsing using this tab.
  • It allows you to shoot screen without having to install software.

How to install Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download Firefox Setup 85.0 en x64 for free from our server

Click here to download Firefox Setup 85.0 en x32 for free from our server

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox for free

Go to the program’s installation location and double click it to open the next window.

Click Open.

Wait a moment for the program files to be downloaded from the Internet.

Here Mozilla Firefox will be installed successfully on your computer.

How to use Firefox

The previous window is the main interface of the program, as it is easy to use, and at the end there are some buttons that we will explain: –

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  • Download: When you download anything from the Internet, this folder will contain all of your downloads.
  • Favorites: Collect the pages that you add as your favorite to easily return to them again without having to type the name of the site again.
  • History: In it, all the operations that you performed while opening the browser are stored and saved, where all the sites that you visited will be present if you use the browser to its normal mode and wear the safe or hidden mode, because the hidden mode does not appear anything you have done in the history.
  • Complementos: You can add extensions to your browser, for example, you can add virus scan properties from a number of programs, or add VPN programs, etc.
    Sync: You can sync your browsing with your Mozilla account and restore favorites and history again.
    Options: You can adjust the settings and options that suit you on the Firefox browser, and modify download locations, themes, and other settings for each user.
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