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TunnelBear is one of the best VPN programs with a high rate of use, especially in the countries of the Middle East where restrictions and policies of some countries prevent countries from browsing some sites, the program opens blocked sites, it can put you anywhere in the world among the countries that you add to its list to give you An IP proxy number is different from your country in order to browse from another country in a way that is completely safe and secure, thus strong protection of the Internet during use or browsing.

The use of VPN programs in general does not cause any security problem or computer penetration at all, as the mechanism of action lies in hiding your browsing site from your country and giving you IP from any other country across the world, where the program protects your private and personal data and hides it from any attempts to steal, But in general, the VPN programs do not concern anything other than give you a proxy from another country without the need to access any private data.

Program Advantages

  • It is one of the fastest proxy software for browsing the internet.
  • Supports many countries that give you the IP number to call.
  • You can open websites that may be blocked for many reasons.
  • Ease of use as it contains an easy interface, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.
  • Protects your data and personal information from the internet.
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Program disadvantages

  • The disadvantages of many VPN programs are that they are experimental to use, as they give you a trial period and after that you have to buy the activation code, but this program differs slightly from the rest of the programs because it gives you a certain space of 1GB to use the Internet from any different internet browsers and then you have to renew it with fees and subscriptions.
  • You must register a personal account in the program even when using the trial period.

How to install TunnelBear

Click here to download TunnelBear program for free

Program policies will appear with you, click on I Agree Approval.

Fourth: A window will appear where you choose to install the program on your computer, set it to its default position on disk C, and then press Install.

Fifth: Wait a little while to install the program.

Sixth: The program will ask you to enter your account, if you do not have an account, you must register a new account in order for the program to allow you to use it.

Seventh: When registering the account in the program, type the login name and password and then press Log In.

Here, the process and stages of installing the TunnelBear proxy program end, and the next paragraph we will learn about how to use the proxy program.

How to use TunnelBear

Through the program interface you will find the circle icon at the top Off, and next to it is the country you want to enter through.

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Number 1: You can call and disconnect through.

Number 2: The stock contains a lot of countries that you can enter through, you can for example choose which country and for example we selected France.

A small window will appear with you, the program tells you that you want to call from France? Choose Yes.

You will find that the icon at the top turned orange and the word changed from Off to On and next to it Connected.

Now the call has been successfully made through the program, and when you want to disconnect the call, you can click on the word On to have the program disconnect your call and return you to your country of origin.

Control program settings

You can customize the settings you want according to your use through the settings icon, it will be like this: –

You can select to open the program automatically when you open the computer, and show the notification of notification within alerts, and other settings that you can change according to your desire.

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