Tencent Gaming Buddy Android Games Emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy Android Games Emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy is a simulation program for Android applications and games on the computer and it is considered one of the best Android emulators, this emulator is famous for increasing the demand for the PUPG game for the computer, but it is not exclusive or exclusive to this game only, but you can download the games you want or applications on the computer instead Of phones using this program, which makes the computer environment is ready to install APK applications and programs.

This program has been paired with the Babbage game, but it is basically not only dedicated to it, but also includes all Android games and applications, but its reputation has spread with the appalling spread of the game around the world, which has become the first place on electronic stores and the most famous game that users around the world disagree, where in the absence of The presence of a special version of this game for the computer until the continuation of these lines, the program will solve this problem and support it without any problems related to the quality of sound or image.

Tencent Gaming Buddy: Android games emulator for PC

As an emulator of Android games and applications on a computer, it resembles the way Bluestacks work, but what distinguishes Tencent is that it is better and faster regarding games with large areas as it was designed by Tencent company specialized in the design and development of games and is fully aware of the effectiveness of the program with those games, where This program has spread and has become at the forefront of related programs as it fits all Windows systems in the computer, and includes many games with high rates of demand.

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The program works to configure the computer and Windows operating system to be designated for APK applications downloads, and therefore it is able to install these applications on the computer, it is a magnified image from your smartphone and you can install the applications and games you want on the computer to save battery power in your phone, and therefore it has become an alternative The first for those who want to emulate Android applications on the computer.

Program Advantages

  • The program is generally light on the computer, as it has very little space after installing it.
  • The program is completely free for all users around the world.
  • The ability to install all Android games, including the game Bubji and Call Of Duty.
  • The ability to install all applications and programs that work on Android APK.
  • Easy to control games from the computer instead of playing them on phones.
  • It is periodically updated to include all applications and games whose version is released on the computer.
  • It does not need high computer specifications, as it is light and small in size on the computer.

Program disadvantages

  • No defects have been mentioned for this program yet, but game graphics depends on your computer’s graphics card, and in all cases you will be able to enjoy installing games that you want according to your computer equipment so that the computer specifications can affect the quality and graphics of the game, and the program does not have a job Quality improvement because it is not one of its specialties.
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Steps to install Tencent Gaming Buddy

Click here to download Tencent Gaming Buddy program for free

Second: Click on the file that you installed, and the following window will appear with you.

Third: Click on Install.

Fourth: Wait for a few minutes until the program files are installed on the computer.

Fifth: The previous window that shows you that the program will be successfully installed will appear on your computer, press Start to open the program and start installing the games and applications you want on the computer.

How to use Tencent Gaming Buddy

After the installation process is complete, the following main interface of the program appears, it includes icons for your profile and the games that you have installed on it.

Search for the game you want in the search box above and wait for its installation.

In the Game Center tab you will find here all the games that are supported by Tencent Gaming Buddy and there are several sections to easily search for your application.

You can search for PUBG and show the installation options.

How to use Tencent to download Pubg game for PC

Through the login icon to your account in the program, you can log in to a Google or Facebook account, choose the account from which you would like to play PUBG.

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Enter your My Games list to access the games you have downloaded to your profile, if you have not installed the game, install it by searching for it in the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator search box.

Wait for the game to install.

Press Play to enjoy Babbage’s game on your computer, enjoy it and ensure total combat control.

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