How to clean the keyboard

How to clean the keyboard

Keyboard cleaning steps

On the keyboard, a lot of bacteria and germs accumulate, such as those on the toilet,
may accumulate more than dust, hair, and other materials, and therefore the keyboard must be cleaned every week,
and this can be done through Follow the following steps:

  • Disconnect the keyboard from the computer (computer), and remove the batteries, if any.
  • Turn the keyboard upside down, and gently rock it slightly.
  • Blow it to remove crumbs, dust, and other sticky objects between keys.
  • Wipe the keyboard and palm rest with a lint-free cloth, moistened with antiseptic, but not excessively, as any excess liquid must be removed before wiping,
    It is worth noting that the antiseptic can be prepared by mixing two equal amounts of water and isopropanol alcohol.
  • Wipe the keyboard with another dry cloth completely, to remove residual moisture.

* Note: The dedicated mini vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the keyboard, as it can be a good choice, while not using the ordinary vacuum cleaner; Because it can pull keys with it and not just dust and dirt.

Cleaning the keyboard from fluids In the event that a liquid

spills on the keyboard, such as cola, coffee or milk, specific and quick steps must be taken in order to preserve the keyboard. These steps are as follows:

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  • Turn off the computer immediately, or on Least separate the keyboard.
  • Turn the keyboard upside down; To prevent the liquid from continuing to penetrate the keyboard, so that it does not reach the electrical circuits.
  • Shake the keyboard slightly and gently overturning it, and wipe the keys with a piece of cloth.
  • Leave the plate upside down for an entire night to dry.
  • Clean the plate of any remaining material.

Dishwasher to clean some keyboards

Some companies produce keyboards that can be washed in a dishwasher, and this feature is a main characteristic of the plate, and here it is allowed to use a dishwasher and it is safe, but most keyboards do not have this feature, because heat and water will damage the panel so that It cannot be repaired, so it should only be cleaned as mentioned in the above-mentioned steps.

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