Best free VPN software for 2022

Best free VPN software

Certainly, you heard the word VPN a lot recently and you were curious to know what these programs are and when you use them if you are new to them,
but if you are already using those programs and looking for the best VPN program you can use it to achieve the desired purpose,
you are in the right place in this We will provide you with a report on the best free VPN programs for 2022 that can be used on computers,
iPhone and Android for free without paying any fee, but first we start the article by introducing you to what is a VPN service and with what you use, continue with us.

What are VPN programs

When you make a decision that you want to obtain internet service from one of the companies that provide it,once you contract with the company,
the company has the right to monitor your consumption and in what sense it uses websites that you constantly browse and other to organize the internet consumption to ensure the achievement of the fair use policy,
and you have no right to object in the law This contract is called a compliance contract because the company is the one that monopolizes the service it provides,
so you are the strong party to the contract, but you can object in another way, which is to use the VPN program,
so the latter when you use it adds a layer of protection and prevents the company from monitoring your consumption and your data, because the program It changes your IP Address with another number.

The above is the first reason for using the VPN program, while the second reason is that you may be a fan of sports,
or a fan of one of the stars, or traveling to one of the countries that prohibits the use of certain sites such as China,
if you are traveling to it then you need to use those programs Because social networking programs are prohibited in Al-Sabn, you cannot browse Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram … etc,
and also Germany is prohibited from using the torrent program, or in your country some websites may be banned, in these previous cases you need to download one of these programs in order to be able From browsing these sites,
it is known that some singers publish their songs on YouTube, but they exclude certain countries from hearing these songs, such as singer Chris Brown, who excludes several countries from hearing and watching some of his songs.

Those are the reasons for use and what they are, and here is a list of the best VPN that can be used for free,
but it is necessary to note that the more the program is paid the more it will achieve better protection and more features, because at this time a lot of these free programs have spread, but do not achieve any protection and be a door to see On your data and selling it,
so we have carefully considered choosing the best free VPN software that offers you safe protection.

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Best free VPN software for 2022

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield occupies the foreground program, it contains 2500 different servers, and supports more than seventy countries, and supports the operation of five devices with the same account, and the reason being in the foreground is that it is easy to use, safe and free, and there is a special version that you can subscribe to later, called Hotspot Elite and will give you the possibility Entering more sites than the free version and are without ads. It is worth noting that when you download the free version, you will be forced to use the premium version for seven days, and after the end of the period you will be given two options; The first is that you enter your payment data, or move to the free version, and it is worth noting that in the premium version it gives you the ability to link more than 25 countries at the same time, and the program is distinguished that it enjoys a military-grade protection which gives rise to satisfaction if you do your banking Shopping online or via the mobile phone is flawed that sometimes it is slow.

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear, which has an attractive interface, comes second. The company that produced the program recently acquired McAfee, a company that specializes in protection programs. The program supports nearly 1,000 servers, supports servers from 20 countries, and supports the operation of five devices simultaneously. From one account, but gives you monthly freedom to browse at a rate of 500 MB per month, unlike the Hotspot Shield program, which is free to browse up to 500 MB per day, or 15 GB per month, but you can bypass that obstacle by subscribing to the program by five dollars per month, and you can browse without Limit the addition to the support of more servers of other countries, and it is worth noting that in the recent period the company’s policy in collecting consumer data has changed, so consumers have more privacy than before.

3. Windscribe software

In third place comes the Windscribe program that comes with fewer servers and countries servers that support it, as it only supports about 600 servers, and it supports servers of 60 countries, but in return it gives you the freedom to browse up to 10 GB per month, and supports the operation of an unlimited number of Devices with the same account at the same time, you must say that it is a useless program, but the program will give you 1 GB as a reward every time you invite one of your friends to use the program, and there is a Tweeting feature that gives you an additional 5 GB, but in case you want to subscribe to the program with four dollars Monthly and this gives you support for more countries, in addition to safer protection, and it is worth noting that this program does not store user data, as soon as you finish browsing it erases data within three minutes, and is also characterized by the ability to access servers of ten countries at the same time.

4. Speedify

In fourth place comes Speedify but with fewer features, it supports nearly 200 servers, supports servers of nearly 50 countries, supports the operation of only one device, although it is characterized by high speed, and works on the third and fourth generation network with respect to phones, and gives you Freedom to browse up to 5 GB per month for the free version, but less than 1 GB per month, and supports playback on all different systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS.

5. ProtonVPN

Fifth is ProtonVPN, which supports approximately 630 servers, supports 44 countries’ servers, supports operation on only one device, and you can choose only three sites, and if you want to choose more than three sites you will have to upgrade to the paid version, but Do not rush to judge the program, as the great advantage of the program is that it gives you freedom to browse without restrictions, i.e. without a limit in the freedom to browse unlike the above-mentioned free programs, and it also supports operating on different operating systems, and it is worth noting that in peak times, any time when there are more Users decrease speed, and the priority of users of the paid version is not to reduce browsing speed.


In sixth place comes program that supports about 1400 servers, supports servers of 55 countries, works on only one device, does not give you the choice of more than three servers, gives you 2 GB per month for browsing, supports operation on different operating systems, and its advantages are that It does not contain advertisements in addition to technical support throughout the week for either users of the free or paid version, and enjoys strong protection, and it does not store data.

7. SurfEasy

In seventh place comes SurfEasy, which supports nearly 1000 different servers, supports servers of 25 countries, accepts playback on five different devices with the same account at the same time, and gives you the freedom to browse up to 500MB per month, it is worth noting that this program comes from the Opera browser It is already inside the browser through the settings, and this means that you will leave Google Chrome or any other browser to switch to the Opera browser.

8. PrivateTunnel

It comes in the eighth and last in our list PrivateTunnel program which is a limited program compared to the aforementioned programs, it supports a few servers in addition to that it supports servers of only nine countries, and is characterized by ease of use and supports the operation of three devices at the same time with the same account, and gives you monthly 200 MB Just use it as you wish, and if this package ends, you will resort to buying other packages in case you want to continue with this program, you can buy a 20 GB or 100 GB package, at $ 30 annually, and the program defects that its performance is unstable at times, but it On the other hand, it supports operating on different systems.

The importance of a VPN program on your device:
VPN works to completely hide the identity of the device and hides the identity from any other device, so no one can try to penetrate your device whatever happens, so you will feel safe when you browse and no one will reach you, as the VPN can reach any blocked place so that there is no A place to hide, and this is because of his great speed to reach the most hidden places in the least possible time.

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VPN changes your IP address, as soon as you use it, complete security of your device occurs and no one can know your address without your knowledge, whatever the cost, and VPN works to protect your geographical location, it works to encrypt all your data, and this is of great importance to many Of people, so that there is no place that can facilitate this penetration no matter what happens in the whole world, because all geographical regions cannot facilitate this matter.

On the margin, we recall that the best VPN in the world is ExpressVPN, which is not free but it accommodates any device and supports the servers of nearly a hundred countries, but for information, subscription to this program is cheap, so there is an offer now that you can subscribe to the program for 12 months for approximately seven dollars And you will get three free months, meaning your subscription will be for fifteen months, with the possibility of redeeming the value of the subscription within thirty days from the date of your subscription.


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