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How to know the modem password

How to know the password of the router

The person who owns a router device can know the secret password for this device in case it is forgotten or lost, and that is in many ways, and we will learn about the following on some of these methods, as follows:

User guide for the router

The user who wants to know the secret code for the router and the name of the user can read through the manual for this device, or the search for the user manual can be done via the Internet through searching for the type and model of the router in Google.

The sticker on the router

Whereas, some types of router devices, especially those that are from an Internet provider, contain a label with the default username and password written on it.

Use common words

The user can try some common words for the user name and password on the router,
and it is possible to experiment with making the user name blank and put the admin password in the secret code field,
also can reverse this experience by making the password blank and put admin in the password field,
or Put the word admin in both fields with the username and the secret code.

Passwords dedicated website

You can visit the website:, which contains a list of default usernames and passwords for a number of routers.

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How to factory reset the router

The factory reset of the router can be done by doing a number of easy steps, and these steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the router and then flip the device to the side that is in the reset button,
    which may be located at the bottom of the device Or on his successor.
  • Pressing the reset button is through a small, pointed tip tool such as a foundry.
  • Press and hold the button for 30 seconds, then drop the button so that the router performs a restart.

What is a router

The router can be defined as a device for networks where it receives information and packets issued
from a network and directs it to another network,
then the router receives data from a network and then analyzes this data and changes its packets and resends them to another network,
and it should be noted that There are routers that work over the wireless connection.

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