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Best browsers for iPhone 2021 The fastest surfing the Internet

Best browsers for iPhone

There is no doubt that the Internet Browser application is one of the basic applications that are in any way indispensable on mobile phones in various operating systems, where users must, before using any browser, search for the best browser that helps them to browse faster while maintaining the privacy of the user, and will Our talk will be about the browsers of the iOS operating system of the iPhone phones of Apple, although the company offers a Safari browser by default on the phone, but there are the best browsers for the iPhone in terms of other characteristics that the default browser can miss on the phone, as the Apple Store is full With a lot of internet browsers for the iPhone, but not all browsers have the same strength and efficiency required in terms of performance, features, and features that they provide, which we all use as netizens need them, for example, some browsers provide safer browsing with the prevention of tracking, or support for downloading files, and some other browsers provide an easy interface Use which makes it easy for you to deal with the browser and access the settings and options that it provides effortlessly, as the Opera browser provides the best free VPN for iPhone caught H blocked sites or the option to provide data “monthly package” as in the Google Chrome browser.

We conclude from the above paragraph that there is a very strong competition between internet browsers in our time, as all companies based on browsers work to develop them permanently through a set of updates that bring new features and improvements needed by Internet users in addition to filling security holes and protecting user data from theft, and this Certainly something more than great and in the best interest of the users.

You can follow and choose one from the list of surfing apps below to rely on it to browse the sites and browse your accounts more professionally with more other features that you are looking for, in general so as not to prolong you talk, here is a list of the most popular internet browsers in the world among users! Yes, all the internet browsers below are very popular due to the many features and features that all of us provide. Just follow as well and not an order, then choose what you see suitable from among the browsers below and start downloading and installing on your phone.

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Best browsers for iPhone for 2021

1. Google Chrome browser

It is natural that the Google Chrome browser comes in the forefront of the best internet browsers due to the great features and features it provides, among which the most prominent is that it is provided completely free of charge with a smooth and easy to use interface, and its support for a very large group of languages, including Arabic and English, was the beginning The emergence of Google Chrome for the first time in 2008 for desktop computers, then, Google worked to develop the browser until it has now become one of the most popular Internet browsers and comes installed by default on most Android phones and devices and is also available on the Apple Store for the iPhone.

One of the great things about Google Chrome is the synchronization of everything between your devices, which helps you to follow your accounts from more than one screen effortlessly, and it also helps you to synchronize any open tab if you log in using the same iCloud account on multiple devices and complete what you do From another screen, Google Chrome helps you translate pages quickly and effortlessly.

Not only is this all about Chrome properties, but it also provides the ability to search the Internet by voice! Yes, it is possible to search in Chrome with your voice without the need for writing, and it provides an invisible browsing feature to prevent saving and recording what you do which helps you to prevent your tracking, protection and security of your privacy on the net, and there is a wonderful feature specifically directed to the owners of the monthly net bundle which is “data provision”. Generally, if you are looking for a fast and secure browser that provides all the features and benefits, Chrome is the best option for you.

‎Google Chrome
‎Google Chrome
Developer: Google
Price: Free

2. Firefox and Firefox Fox

Mozilla company is one of the leading companies and known even before the arrival of the Chrome browser of Google and for a personal experience, Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the wonderful browsers in the full sense of the word, it provides everything we need when browsing the Internet starting from the simple browser interface that makes it easy to deal with the browser from Before all users without any problem, the browser also provides a “Firefox account” that gives you the ability to sync all your passwords, records, open tabs, bookmarks etc. among all of your devices that are registered with your Firefox account.

Mozilla Firefox is completely free, and it is a fast, compact and expandable browser. The browser first appeared in 2004, four years before the emergence of Google Chrome. The nice thing about the browser is that it also pop-up blocker, and it supports a wide range of languages ​​including Arabic and English too.

As for Firefox Focus, it is an excellent browser that focuses primarily on privacy, has been developed and designed on the basis of the Mozilla browser, and is available to work on a wide range of operating systems from the most famous IOS and Android system as well.

3. Opera Mini browser

If you are looking for a browser rich in many features, you need to try the Opera Mini browser, which provides a ton of features that everyone is looking for, and one of the most important is data compression mode, which helps you greatly reduce the size of the web page by up to 50% And there is another mode that reduces the size of the internet page by up to 10%. Hence, this browser will be very useful for anyone who wants to reduce the monthly internet bundle consumption, or for people who live in areas with unstable internet connection.

The same Mozilla Firefox browser, Opera Mini browser helps you to create an Opera account, which gives you the ability to sync all bookmarks and all passwords of your different accounts on other devices by just logging in to your Opera account, and this option will be especially useful for those who have more than one device.

Opera Mini is a web browser intended for those who love to personalize, as it contains a collection of the most wonderful themes to choose from, and it provides a feature of “Night Mode” or “Dark Mode” which is especially useful when browsing your phone at night to protect the eye from harmful screen rays, and provide charging Phone battery. In addition to all this, the company based on Oprah works by constantly updating and developing it and adding new features and features in order to compete in competition with other internet browsers.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

4. Safari browser

The Safari browser comes installed by default in the IOS operating system, and it is a very powerful and reliable web browser for browsing the internet and your favorite sites quickly. Safari also provides the feature of synchronizing all passwords across all your Apple devices, which saves you from writing words. Traffic every time you need to log in to your specific service or site.

On an iPhone device, your passwords stored on the browser are secured and secured via Touch ID technology, and in case you have a Mac, then any tab can be synced from iPhone to Mac or vice versa from Mac to iPhone so that you can read and browse where you left off without any Problem . We conclude from this, that if you are using the Apple Payment Service which is known as “Apple Pay” then you will be able to make payments easily from your iPhone.

In terms of designing a Safari browser, it depends on Apple’s design from start to finish, which means that the browser is easy to use. As we know, iPhone users cannot change and replace default applications in the device with any other application. Hence, any link will be opened in the default applications such as the Mail app on the Safari browser.

[The app is installed by default]

5. Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

This browser is one of the light browsers for iPhone, it also comes with a number of important features, most notably the provision of a tool to take notes and record your notes while working and browsing the Internet instead of downloading and installing an additional application to write your notes, and provides an ad blocker feature that helps you get rid of annoying ads and browse The Internet and sites are better without being exposed to a lot of ads, and it also allows users to synchronize all their data between all other Apple devices smoothly. The browser also includes one of the features that have become available in most applications and operating systems, which is the “dark mode” so that you can Browsing the internet at night without straining the eye while keeping your phone battery so that it lasts for a longer period while browsing the internet and the site, and the browser allows you to download and install some wonderful additions to get additional features and features that are not available in the browser itself. Fortunately, Maxthon Browser provides a large number of plugins that you will definitely like.

The bottom line, if you need a lightweight browser that does not consume a lot of device resources and provides you with a fast internet browsing experience, then you need to try the free Maxthon Cloud Web Browser which works on iPhone and Android.

6. Dolphin Browser

The Android smartphone and tablet browser is definitely aware of Dolphin Browser a long time ago because it was one of the first internet browsers to provide what is known as “gestures” that help you customize the browser in a way that suits you according to your convenience. For example, through the gesture feature in the browser you will have the ability to open a specific site in a specific way that you personally specify.

An example to clarify the way to use gestures in the browser, you can, for example, specify the letter F for quick entry to Facebook next, any time you open the Dolphin browser on your iPhone and then draw the letter F, at which time you will be taken directly to Facebook quickly and more professional without searching .

A fast, safe and easy-to-use browser that provides an annoying anti-spam feature while browsing the site, it also comes with the privilege mode feature, and has a QR code scanner, and you can customize the browser with a bunch of cool themes. As for privacy and security, the browser supports TouchID technology so that no one else will be able to open the browser and start browsing the internet and see your privacy.

The browser provides a paid feature of Dolphin Sonar that allows you to search, share and navigate to other quickly by just shaking your iPhone.

7. Aloha Browser

Are you the ones who focus very heavily on privacy? Are you always looking for free VPN services? If your answer is yes, then you need to try the Aloha Browser that meets all your needs! Yes, this browser focuses on privacy and prevents others from tracking you and hiding what you do on the Internet, and provides you with a free unlimited VPN built into the browser. Hence, the browser will save you search and download the VPN app.

Aloha Browser comes with an interface that is very similar to the interface of Google Chrome. Is this all about the browser? Certainly not, the browser provides some other features, the most prominent of which is the option to browse websites without ads, as it provides a VR player that gives you the ability to play VR videos, and the browser also allows you to lock tabs of the fingerprint or a password to secure your privacy from intruders, the feature The last in the browser is the sharing of files between the iPhone and the computer through the Wi-Fi network, so the browser is indeed worth downloading and installing, and this is based on the opinions and comments of users on the browser page of the store.

8. Puffin Browser

This browser is available to work on the Android operating system and IOS and Windows, and the Puffin Browser is one of the most powerful internet browsers due to the use of encrypted servers, and this gives the browser a stronger performance and higher speed than most other internet browsers, and it prevents intruders from seeing your privacy because of the encryption system that The browser depends on it.

In addition, this browser comes with Adobe Flash Player. Thus, you will be able to play any video or game in flash format from the browser itself without the need for specialized applications, and the browser includes a virtual keyboard. In general, if we look quickly at the most important and most important features that the browser provides, we will find that it is represented as a very fast browser, and its integrated support with Flash Player, and provides a full web page display experience on the iPhone as if you are browsing the Internet from the large computer screen, and the browser runs the Internet pages Which requires more resources at breakneck speed on mobile phones and tablets, and if you review user reviews before downloading you will find that the browser is really special and worth downloading and installing now on iPhone.

Notice :
The above list of Internet browsers focuses very heavily in the first place on the speed of access to the website effortlessly, and also focuses on ease of use so that anyone, even less experienced people in the Internet field, can deal with such browsers without difficulty. However, if you need internet browsers that focus more on privacy and prevent you from being tracked and stop showing and tracking ads, in the meantime you need to follow the list of Internet browsers below that focus more on privacy.

9. Brave browser

This browser comes at the forefront of internet browsers that focus on privacy, this browser is open source and is based on “Chrome” and takes the Google Chrome browser the source code from it, and the browser is also characterized by the super speed in browsing the internet and the site, and one of the great things about the browser is that it adjusts its own settings It is done by default without interference from you and in a way that suits you and works to protect your privacy. Hence, it is suitable for beginner users in the internet world.

This, and the browser supports the feature “HTTPS Everywhere”, which in turn works to encrypt your data (passwords) so that intruders cannot steal your data and violate your privacy, and it allows you to block windows and pop-up ads that are a nuisance to all of us as Internet users, and also the ability to block files Definition of the link. The browser does not display all ads and prevents you from being tracked, and this helped very much to make the browser very fast on devices.

Finally, if you are looking for a browser that focuses and protects your privacy on the Internet with quick access to websites, I recommend you this browser, which is completely free on the store. Please note, the browser is also available for Windows, Android, Linux and other operating systems.

10. Ghostery Browser

Are you looking for a light browser that does not consume your iPhone resources? Are you followed by searching for a browser that blocks and prevents ads from tracking you? If yes, Ghostery Browser is your best choice! Yes, this browser is lightweight and works to block all tracking software. It also blocks all ads and prevents them from tracking you, unlike most other browsers currently available. Really, the browser effectively protects you from online tracking and this is something that is required especially for those who want to focus on privacy.

Also, the browser provides a mode known as “Ghost” which aims first and foremost to prevent saving the websites you visit in the browser, and this mode is also very useful to prevent your tracking. Is this all about the browser? Certainly not, the browser protects users when browsing the Internet and websites from phishing attacks.

The browser comes with the default DuckDuckGo search engine, and this search engine is known to focus on privacy. In summary, if you need a browser for the iPhone for the iPhone provides a fast and ad-free browsing experience and focuses on protecting privacy, this browser is one of the ideal browsers in that.

11. Tor VPN Browser

It is clear from the name of the browser that it focuses on protecting the privacy and anonymity of your identity on the Internet. Tor VPN is one of the most secure internet browsers, as it provides you with anonymous internet browsing thanks to a VPN for example. With this browser, the internet sites will not see your IP address, and the browser will encrypt your connection. Hence, no one will be able to spy on you or steal your data when surfing the Internet! Yes, it will be difficult for anyone to track your internet activities no matter what you try as long as you use this browser.

The great thing about the browser is that you will be able to automatically delete cookies, cache and all other data when exiting the browser, and the browser supports playing videos and audio. Tor VPN browser is the perfect solution for those who want to protect and secure their data from theft and theft.

One of the features that I liked personally is the recognition of pop-ups and then blocked immediately. It is worth noting, there is a paid version of this browser that also provides additional features and features, most notably the access to unlimited VPN and surfing websites and the Internet without ads.

12. Onion Browser

A free and open source browser that works with the same Tor VPN browser system above on an iPhone, it enables you and you can access Internet websites while protecting your privacy and preventing your tracking, as the browser works to secure and protect your passwords especially when connected to a public Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi network Unsafe. In addition, the browser supports this “HTTPS” protocol, Onion does not support videos and videos and blocks them by default because it considers your privacy a threat to your privacy.

Generally there are no big differences between Tor VPN Browser and Onion Browser however, it is recommended and prefer to use Tor VPN Browser instead of Onion because it is better than additional features and features such as hiding your IP address on the Internet and in any case, the browser is available on the store for free for iPhone.

‎Onion Browser
‎Onion Browser
Developer: Mike Tigas
Price: Free+

The conclusion

Whether you are looking for a fast browser or a browser that provides customization options or a browser that focuses on privacy, you will find all of this in the list of applications above, so there is no problem or a lack of Internet browsers for phones and devices in general, not iPhone only .

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