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Download PUBG MOBILE for android and iOS

Download PUBG MOBILE for android and iOS

PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone: PUBG MOBILE for Android game is one of the most powerful fighting and action games that exist in the world, this game is classified among the street war games online, but the game is basically a survival game, which seeks Through the elimination of enemies in a battlefield full of other players and you use all available powerful weapons and fighting methods available to you, as the game is very enjoyable and we recommend downloading it in order to try a new and powerful type of fighting games.

What are you waiting for? You can download the PUBG MOBILE game on your phone and live the spirit of adventure, excitement, challenge, suspense, shooting and fighting with your friends, and you will be able to download the game from the bottom of the article with a direct link through the Mobizel website that provides everything new in the world of applications And the most popular games and downloads on the official stores for Android and iPhone.

Download PUBG MOBILE for Android and iOS

PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone has achieved a wide spread among Arab users of electronic games applications, due to the wonderful ideas and improvements that made it outperform its counterparts of fighting and action games, as well as graphics and graphics that simulate reality greatly.

The number of times the PUBG MOBILE game has been downloaded for Android since its launch in March 2018, that is, in just four months, has reached more than fifty million times, and it has also set a record in the operations of carrying the PUBG MOBILE game for iPhone via the App Store electronic platform.

Downloading the PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone has become in the English language, after it was only available in Chinese, but the company has updated and launched it in multiple languages, especially the English language, as a global language, and thus ensuring that it reaches many people around the world.

This game has been released to be compatible with many Android and iPhone devices, it does not require exaggerated conditions and is available in a size of 600 MB, and was evaluated as one of the violent games that are not suitable for the use of children under 16 years of age, due to the idea that it holds Somewhat violent and fighting.

About downloading PUBG MOBILE for Android

PUBG MOBILE is one of the online action and street war games that was produced by tencent games, very similar to Battle Royale and Fortnite game in terms of idea, as the player will face about a hundred other players on the battlefield and only one of them will survive At the conclusion of the game.

The idea of ​​the game revolves around the landing of the player and ninety-nine other players from a plane through the balloon to the island whose battle will be on their soil, and each of them tries to stay to the end in violent and deadly fighting, and intensifies in each stage from the next stage to become in the end only one winner is Located at the end of the battle.

PUBG MOBILE is based on the royale style, and it is provided with a set of great designs for the battlefield and the people in it to provide you with a unique experience in the fun of challenge and excitement, and PUBG MOBILE also enables you to have a private chat with your friends who play with the game within a dedicated window for that Purpose, or meet new friends in the game from all over the world.

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Information about PUBG MOBILE for Android and iOS

  • Release Date: March 2018.
  • Developed company: Tencent Games.
  • Issue number: 0.7.0.
  • Game type: Exciting games.
  • Game mode: individual and group.
  • Operating System Type: Android, iPhone, and Windows.
  • Age group rating: 16+ and above.
  • Last updated date: 24 July 2018.
  • Number of downloads: 50 million.
  • Status: free game.
  • Game size: 36MB.
  • Rating: 4.4 PUBG MOBILE was rated by more than 3 million Android users, from all over the world.

Download PUBG MOBILE for Android, latest version

Just two steps to download the PUBG MOBILE game and start the entertainment Live the spirit of adventure, excitement and correction through the methods that we will show you through our mobizil website and we will also offer the way to download images for free completely away from the sites that provide fake links and that can harm a phone significantly so if you are You search for any game or any application on the Android phone or iPhone, you can enter our website and search for it and you will find an explanation of the game or application and also download links that relate to the game or application directly and you can download it quickly without any problems or obstacles that can meet you:

To download PUBG MOBILE game for Android

  1. Through the Google Play Market.
  2. Type in the place of search PUBG MOBILE for Android.
  3. You will see a page bearing the image of the game and next to it the word install or install, the Play Store will ask you for some permissions to install the game and from here click on OK to continue the download and all you know is waiting for a few seconds and the game will be ready to start fun and live the spirit of adventure and fighting on your mobile for free.

Download PUBG mobile for Android

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: Free

Download PUBG MOBILE game for iOS

  1. Through the App Store, you will notice it in distinctive blue and the letter A.

    Type the name of the PUBG MOBILE game in the search bar of the App Store so that you can download the PUBG MOBILE game and click Done.

  2. You will go to a page with the image of the game directly in front of you and next to it the word Get or Get, then your iPhone mobile will ask you for your personal Touch Id, so you can start the download process now successfully without any problems.

Download PUBG mobile for iOS

PUBG MOBILE story for iOS

The events of the game PUBG MOBILE for iPhone revolve around the landing of about one hundred fighters on the island through the parachute and work to install traps and weapons for each player in an attempt to kill the rest and avoid falling into the nets of their enemies, and you will be one of these fighters, and you have to be able to win In the game that you stay alive at the end of the game.

And with the continuation of the battle and the large number of playing the game, the areas become somewhat safe, which makes you vulnerable to killing with ease, then you must show your fighting skills in order to get rid of your enemies and their threats, and this will cost you a lot of time since you will take many months until you reach the final stage of the game.

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Explain how to play in PUBG MOBILE for Android and iOS?

Initially, download the PUBG MOBILE game for Android and install it on the device and start playing, and when you start the game you will enter into mass fighting battles with a number of people connected to the game via the Internet, and you will play a team combat system against a team in a battle that is the strongest and fiercest of its kind.

The number of members of the teams participating in the combat exercises will be equal in order to ensure that the principle of equal opportunities is maintained, and that everyone has the same opportunity to be able to beat the opposing team.

And for each of the fighting teams, there are special clothes that are distinct from each other, in addition to the presence of guiding signs that differentiate between each group, so that the players can know who belongs to them during the battle, and of course the game will provide you with a map of the island that will fight the opponents on its soil, you can use the help of It out to explore the whole way.

How to control PUBG MOBILE for iPhone?

After downloading the PUBG MOBILE game for iPhone, you will notice that the game provides all the commands you need on its screen window while fighting the battlefield, in order to give you the full opportunity to be able to win, survive and blow up your enemies.

PUBG MOBILE is controlled by touching the screen with light touches on the icons on the window, for each icon has a specific command, for example on the right side of the screen a set of icons is shown through which different orders are given, such as the command to target the target and round it up until It is easy to hit and kill, and in order to get rid of your enemies quickly, you must follow the strategy of shooting on the head as one of the most important street war strategies.

The game also allows the command to ship the treasury of the shots you use whenever you want, and there is another command to change the weapon, and there are also a number of buttons that enable you to jump high or slide on the ground and crawl over them if you need those actions during the combat maneuver.

There is also a window for secret talks with your team members to agree with them on the next steps or alert them to make one of the fighting movements, and the game gives you the freedom to move around and choose the path that you will go according to your desire and your own vision through which you think that you will take advantage of your enemies.

Weapons in PUBG MOBILE for Android

Downloading the PUBG MOBILE game for Android free of charge allows its players an enormous arsenal of light and heavy weapons that they can rely on to bypass their combat missions, such as firearms, shells, bombs, RPGs, machine guns, swords, and Molotov cocktails.

It also provides a number of vehicles that the player uses to pursue his enemies, such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, boats, and many other things that you can get by downloading the PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone for free.

Features of downloading PUBG MOBILE for Android and iOS

Downloading the PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone provides a huge package of benefits and features that can be found in a game of fighting and street war games, the most important of which are the following:

  • PUBG MOBILE game comes with high-quality graphics as the game relies on its powerful engine Unreal Engine 4 games, which is known to provide graphics and designs close to reality completely, as the game depends on stereoscopic effects, as the game’s dependence on the Unreal engine gave it very graphic graphics And the magnificence and gave an excellent game experience to the user through many realistic visual effects that take you with all the feelings you carry in order to dive you from the bottom of your heart and ideas inside the game PUBG MOBILE, this, in addition to the high-quality audio that reaches clarity to HD Other than that, it contains stereo sound effects that make you feel inside a powerful 3D battlefield. With all of that, PUBG MOBILE for Android deserves to download and experience, feel free to download it to your mobile.
  • The game provides a large number of weapons that closely simulate reality and all of them have their own capabilities and capabilities, as the PUBG MOBILE game for Android contains an arsenal of various weapons that the player will be able to use during the battle, which is represented by guns, machine guns and pistols And heavy weapons like RPG, in addition to street fighting weapons, bats and white weapons, which are represented by swords, daggers, knives and Molotov cocktails, as you will be able to obtain all weapons that simulate reality and with the same powers and range and Performance and lethality with enemies, all you need to do is download the PUBG MOBILE game for Android and iPhone.
  • The diversity of the game in the characters that you can choose one of them to fight the game, including men and women and each character has certain capabilities that you can use, in addition to that you can invite your friend inside the PUBG MOBILE game for iPhone and create a team together in order to survive and get rid of the rest Other players who are inside the battlefield, all you have to do is prepare ambushes and proportional plans, and then communicate with your friend through the voice of Mike and the headphones inside the PUBG MOBILE game for Android, in order to give orders and cooperate with each other for Eliminate enemies within the PUBG MOBILE mobile battlefield and top the rankings among many players in the game.
  • The game also allows you to experience driving by providing you with a number of vehicles chasing your enemy, as it will truly give you a lethal and powerful drive through which you can drive many types of different and different vehicles, which are represented by strong SUVs, motorcycles and fast boats. Very, this and in addition to that you will be able to lead all of that on the battlefield in order to race your enemies to the areas that are specified on the map or to use those vehicles until you run over and kill enemies while entering a battle inside the PUBG MOBILE game for Android And you get rid of them and beat them, so by doing this it indicates that you will get pure pleasure represented in the game PUBG MOBILE.
  • PUBG MOBILE game can be downloaded for free for Android and for iPhone, as what you can do is to download PUBG MOBILE game for Android for free without having to pay any fees or money or buy the game or pay annual or even monthly subscriptions, in addition to that The game will not force you to pay any financial fees in order to download it, but on the other hand, the game contains some advanced tools, features and features that are inside and that are available to you in a paid way, as it is entirely up to you With complete freedom.
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