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Download the Noon shopping app for Android: Through the increase of electronic stores in recent periods and its strong competition to sell products, clothes and personal supplies, as well as household items, the Noon store was able to sweep the electronic arena with a great lead that made it out of competition in front of many stores.

The store was able to meet the desires of its customers and provided an application for the application Noon through which the customer can perform the shopping process to become easy and gets the strongest offers and discounts offered by the store, and also allows the user to perform the registration process inside the store to take advantage of profit opportunities and get free store codes.

Information about Noon app for Android

The Noon store is the most important website belonging to the Saudi Noon company, which established the result of the financial cooperation between both Emirati businessman Mohammed Al Abbar who heads the Kuwaiti Al Shaya Company and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to share capital and profits in half, where the company was specifically established in Noon The year 2016 AD.

تطبيق Noon للتسوق

Initially, Noon was located inside the United Arab Emirates and then moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which started pumping $ 1 billion in principal capital, and through this cooperation they wanted to match this store with the most famous international stores represented in Amazon and And ebay shop and is.

The stores that have provided most of the needs of individuals with modern products help them to provide their belongings and requirements, which are represented in many special sections within the store that provide women’s and men\\’s and children\\’s needs even household and other consumer goods.

How to download and install Noon store?

In order to download the Noon Store app for shopping on Android phones, you can open the Google Play Store and write the name of the application, either in Arabic or English, or by going to the bottom of the article, you will find a direct Noon download link.

  • Noon platform program will appear in the first search engines, click on it to be taken to the application\\’s download page.
  • Then click on Install or wait a while until the installation is complete, making sure that the phone is connected to the WiFi network.
  • After downloading the application, click the Open or Open button, or you can open it from the application icon that will appear after the download on the main phone screen.
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إعدادات تطبيق نون
  • As for downloading the Noon app from iPhone phones, click on the App Store and type Noon to appear in the first search engine and through the direct links available to it for iPhone, you can get the application for free.
  • Then you click on the Get button and wait a little while to install and download and then open the application from the main phone screen to enjoy the prices and offers of Noon.

Noon Shopping New Release?

After successfully completing the download and installation of the Noon application on your devices, the app icon will appear on the main screen, click on it to set some settings for the application.

A list will appear in the interface of Noncom to choose the town or country in which you reside among three options, either Saudi Arabia, the Emirates or Egypt, after choosing your country, the application will take you to a page with many offers.

تطبيق Noon للتسوق

Then you can get to know the most important offers available and choose coupons and discount codes that allow you to enjoy an enjoyable buying experience, and through the application you can complete the entire purchase process from A to Z even with the many and easy payment methods for everyone.

Explain of the settings of Noon Shopping app for Android

When you open the Noon program and set the country selection setting as mentioned in the previous paragraph, a search bar will appear to you at the top of the screen with the phrase “You are spinning on it,” as it helps you find a specific thing to easily get what you want with seeing the most important offers And discounts on the product you are looking for, and in the main interface you will find many options, the most important of which are:

  • Home Page: It is the option that will display the main application interface that contains the aforementioned search bar in addition to many other products and exhibits.
  • Categories: It is the option that shows the store\\’s sections and categories so that you can navigate the exhibits freely and easily as well.
  • Offers: You can get to know the offers that are available by clicking on Sort by on the top of the screen. You can also browse offers by the most prevalent or the price from top to low or the price from lower to higher and this is done by clicking on the order by, and there is a sign The three lines are similar to the horizontal lines that you can click to change the display shape, either to be displayed below each other or to be displayed next to each other in a large size and size.
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تحميل تطبيق نون للجوال
  • My Account Settings: When you click on this option you can create your own account to receive on the email the most important offers, discounts and all that is new within each section, in addition to the products that have been newly added to the store in order to browse freely within the Noon application, in addition to the ability to set The language and country you live in, with application management contact points to report a complaint, to inquire about something, or to help with anything you need.
    Shopping cart: It is worth noting that you can reserve some products and include them in the shopping cart at the price and discount that you booked the product with, and if you do not have enough cash, you can save many products until you have some money and then buy what you have stored inside the shopping cart at the same price exactly.

Download Noon app for android

Noon application features for Android

  • Several important characteristics have been added to customers within the application, which is to follow the remaining amount in order to get free shipping, through which you can choose your products freely and with full care.
  • The map inside the application has also been updated to accurately locate and address the delivery of orders in the fastest time in order to get a distinguished service with Noon.
  • Some technical and technical improvements have been made to be faster and to work on all Android versions.
  • Among the most characteristic of the site Noon that it contains a large number of sections that meet the needs of many individuals and the most prominent of those sections that the application includes are all household supplies that relate to the kitchen and the needs of the home, and modern clothes that keep pace with the world of fashion and fashion, and a large variety of games Various children whether electronic or plastic, as well as electronic and technological devices.
  • One of the most unique features of the Noon store is that it provides all original and guaranteed products that are owned by the most famous international brands.
  • As for the application, it is distinguished that downloading it is available on all website platforms for downloading Android and iPhone applications in addition to being a one hundred percent free application.
  • Noon application is available in both Arabic and English in order to facilitate dealing with the store by users.
  • Noon app is small in size and does not require much storage space on devices.
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