Download Soma Messenger for android

Download Soma Messenger for android

Soma Messenger is a completely free program launched by the developer Instanza, which allows you to easily communicate with your friends through two large numbers of free messages, whether written messages or voice messages in addition to high quality video calls with a large number of people up to 500 friends. Soma Messenger also provides you with safety Completeness, privacy and ease of use, and we will explain in detail on Mobizel.

There are a large number of similar programs that provide you with easy communication and video calls, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and other well-known programs, but what distinguishes Soma Messenger from these programs?

Features of Soma Messenger for android

A large number of features distinguish Soma Messenger from other similar programs, which include the following:

  • An endless number of free messages and videos.
  • Download speed.
  • Ease of use.
  • Maintain privacy.
  • User data protection.
  • The program is free from any annoying ads.
  • The program does not block calls.
  • Easy to communicate with 500 people.
  • The program.
  • The ability to send and receive photos, videos and files.
  • The presence of emojis.
  • High quality video calls.

How to Download Soma Messenger?

Soma Messenger is easy to access and download through Google Play by following the following steps:

  • You search for SOMA Messenger in the Google Play search engine to show you the program in this wayAfter choosing Soma Messenger, press install to have the program download to your phone within a few minutes.
  • Leave the program until the download process ends, then open it and enjoy easy communication with your friends.
  • Simple steps you get to the completely free Soma Messenger program, to enjoy all the features and features available in this unique program.
  • It does not require you to register for the free Soma Messenger program except only the phone number that you use Soma Messenger with.

Security and privacy in Soma Messenger

The most important thing that distinguishes the free Soma Messenger application from other communication programs is to fully maintain the privacy of the user as Soma Messenger does a full encryption of all the user’s data and erase the messages from the program as soon as they arrive, thereby providing you with the privacy that you may not be able to obtain in similar communication programs Others that do not provide you with such advantages.

To provide complete security for the user, the Soma Messenger program works by using the technology of mixing between 256bit and 2048bit, thereby providing you with the maximum protection of your data from messages, calls, etc.

Soma Messenger does not keep any users’ messages, as it automatically deletes those sent messages after only seven days have passed for more security and privacy.

Soma Messenger also provides you with several options through which you can control privacy ideally, through which you can specify the list of friends that you want the appearance of your last presence or cancel this altogether so that no one can know the time of your last presence on the program and thus provides you Soma Messenger has more control over privacy and ensures that you are not disturbed by unwanted persons.

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Another feature that Soma Messenger offers you is the ability to determine whether your messages have been read by your friends or not. The program allows you to choose to activate this feature or not, the whole thing is due to your desire.

You only need to specify the options that Soma Messenger offers you. Either activate or deactivate this feature, and when you deactivate it, neither you nor your friends will be able to know whether the messages were read or not.

Soma Messenger also provides you with the ability to block unwanted persons and prevent them from ever harassing you.

All of these options that give you a great deal of privacy you can use and activate it easily through.

The privacy options available in the free Soma Messenger program.

Video Matt is using HD technology.

Clarity, speed and high quality all of this in addition to the ability to communicate with a very large number of people, friends and family, so imagine what one program can provide you that enables you to communicate with 500 people at the same time quickly, easily and HD quality.

Soma Messenger program is similar to its use and capabilities a lot of free communication programs, but Soma Messenger contains all the advantages of these available programs and overcomes the defects in these programs so that Soma Messenger becomes your best choice for free communication with your friends anywhere, any time and a number of features make you happy And comfortable to use this special program.

Free Soma Messenger program

Soma Messenger program to communicate is a completely free program and without charge, it does not require downloading the program and getting it to pay any fees or money as it keeps the programs free throughout the period of use by users and there are no annual fees or the like there are some communication programs that are downloaded for free and then ask you Pay an annual fee, but Soma Messenger is completely free and you can download and get it without any financial fees.

You can enjoy all the benefits of Soma Messenger from group video calls and written or voice messages with many privacy and security options perfectly and completely free of charge.

All this you get when you download the free and distinctive Soma Messenger program, all these features and more in one easy-to-download program that eliminates many programs of free communication between people.

What are you waiting for to get all these advantages? Simply download Soma Messenger and enjoy easy communication with your friends.

Soma Messenger is the fastest free social media program

The free Soma Messenger program is characterized by ease and high speed in the use and communication between many people and some of them in different countries through the program and this is an additional advantage between Soma Messenger and many free communication programs.

Instanza developer claims that Soma Messenger is the fastest free communication program among all other free social media programs. You can try the program to check it yourself and enjoy a new experience with Soma Messenger.

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Send and receive pictures and files in Soma Messenger

When you use the free Soma Messenger program, you can send or receive a lot of pictures, videos, files and audio recordings, and this allows you to share your friends on Soma Messenger all your photos and videos and your special moments easily and quickly, just as Soma Messenger allows you to communicate with your friends by voice or image. The ability to obtain pictures of your favorite people who have used the distinctive Soma Messenger program. Isn’t that beautiful?

With this feature that Soma Messenger offers you, it saves you a lot of time or trouble that you need to spend to send, receive or share a picture or video with one of your friends or relatives.

You can also share your existing numbers instead of saving and rewriting them again, or share your location with your friends. You only have to choose what you want to share from among the many options available to you by Soma Messenger.

You can use this feature available in Soma Messenger quite easily, like all the other features of the program, just click on the tag shown and choose a lot of what you want to share with your distinguished friends.

Invite friends at Soma Messenger

All these features in Soma Messenger make it your favorite communication program, but the splendor of the program is not complete without friends. We have not forgotten this in Soma Messenger, so the program allows you to invite a lot of your friends to communicate through it and enjoy all the advantages that the program provides for its distinguished users.

Soma Messenger supports iPhone and Android

All users of smart phones and computers can enjoy the Soma Messenger application for free communication, as the program supports Android. Soma Messenger can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad or Tablet and all smart phones, thus allowing the ability to use a large number of users of communication programs everywhere around the world, depending on the type of smartphone that uses it. Available operating system.

All these capabilities make the Soma Messenger program the best program among all communication programs, as well as qualify it to be the best alternative to other competing programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

You can listen using Soma Messenger on more than one device of your own, and that makes it your first and primary program in use to communicate with friends instead of using a number of different free communication programs.

Use emoji tokens in Soma Messenger

You can use more than one way to communicate with your friends in Soma Messenger, including the written messages. In order to make the program unique, it provides you with a large number of great emoji icons, where you can use it to express your status when you use messages instead of video calls or voice messages, this makes written messages an matter Have fun.

Communicate in various ways on Soma Messenger

In Soma Messenger, you can communicate with your friends in various countries of the world in many different ways. You can use high-definition video calls until you see your friends and talk to them with sound and pictures, or you can use voice calls, which are also clear and less confusion that you find in various other applications, which may be difficult for you Communicate or talk to your friends

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In Soma Messenger, you can also communicate through written messages that facilitate you to communicate with your friends and talk to them for long times. Soma Messenger provides you with an endless number of free messages and calls to make communication a real pleasure.

Canceling your Soma Messenger account

The program is known as Soma Mas we are able to use it easily in general, just as it is easy to register and use the program.

It is also easy to exit the program and permanently cancel your account from it.

When you delete your account from the Soma Messenger program, all your data is completely deleted and all messages sent or received are deleted, as the program supports privacy in particular.

You can return to the Soma Messenger program again whenever you like, while enjoying all the advantages and additions that Soma Messenger provides for you.

You do not need to cancel your account in the program except for a few simple steps you take and your account and your data are permanently deleted from the program only when you confirm your phone number that you previously registered with the free Soma Messenger application.

This means that the program does not require you when downloading or deleting, except to confirm your phone number, through which you are using Soma Messenger.

Share the Soma Messenger program

If you like the Soma Messenger program, you can tell your friends and invite them as we mentioned earlier, and you can also share the Soma Messenger program to help spread this distinguished program among more users around the world and introduce a large number of friends and people to this program so that they can also try it and enjoy it and all the features that Soma provides Messenger and thus help Soma Messenger program.

Why use Soma Messenger?

  • Because protecting data from loss or theft is the number one goal in Soma Messenger, as it uses many technologies to provide privacy and security.
  • Because the features and additions contained in the program qualify it to become the most used program for all lovers of free communication through video calls and instant voice chats with an endless number of messages that make communication between you and others a real pleasure indeed.
  • Because Soma Messenger is the best communication program, it is completely free program that provides all its users with speed, ease, clarity and high quality of communication.
  • Because the developers in Soma Messenger program take into account the need of users, they have made the program unique, interesting and considerate of all requirements of users of communication programs.
  • Because you are the one who decides what to choose, so you can avoid the flaws of other programs while getting all the features in it and more in one application, which is the free premium Soma Messenger.

Download SOMA Messenger for Android

Soma software is available on Android phones, whether mobile phones or tablet phones.

Download Soma latest version for Android

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