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Download Fortnite for android and iOS

Download Fortnite for android and iOS

Download Fortnite game for Android and iPhone: Fortnite is one of the best action and shooting games that features its wide open world, which will be the main task is to stay alive and kill the largest possible number of enemies within the game which will be your mission The same is their mission.

Fortnite game met with great success and popularity in the recent period because the game has a high graphics and realistic compared to the games with the open world, such as pubg mobile, but about a personal experience for a large period of play, both for the game Buggy and the game Fortnite fortnite I noticed that I enjoy the game Fortnite For many reasons that we will talk about in the next paragraphs for all Mobily followers.

If this is the first time that you enter on our website or if you are a fan of games and are considering buying a phone that bears the pressure of large and highly graphic games like Fortnite and ask yourself daily many questions if you have a decision to buy a smartphone, which of these phones do I Buy it? Which is better ? Which one can bear the games?

Through the website team that specializes in mobile reviews and its experience to benefit the user and reach the appropriate phone in light of the multiplicity of international companies and thus the multiplicity of phones with wonderful capabilities that have spread in the global markets and this made the competition fierce and this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time the advantage that the user has Many choices, both in capabilities and in prices as well.

But the disadvantage here is that the user is very confused and asks himself this question and many questions that are going on in your mind and all you have to do is follow the YouTube or enter the phone reviews section and you will find specific and direct answers to these questions effortlessly.

Through answering questions and inquiries, we found Mobilis followers, many of our followers asked about the way to download the game Fortnite on smartphones on Android phones in particular, and we searched, and we did not find the game available on the Play Store and it was deleted for reasons we could not reach.

But we will provide you with a complete review for all fans of Fortnite or you are seeking to download Fortnite for free and it will be the first time for you to play the game so we will meet the desires and needs of all of our followers and we will provide you with a full review of the Fortnite game and compare it with many Action games with open world and the way to download them completely. We will not finish this article unless you have enough information and experience about this wonderful game.

A brief summary about downloading Fortnite for Android and iOS

Fortnite is one of the best games I have played on the phone to an abnormal degree that made me not want to close the game without exaggeration.

Fortnite game is completely dependent on the world of action and aiming at the beginning. When you download the game to your phone and start your first battle inside the game, you must specify a good place away from other players inside the battlefield in order to use the largest possible time to collect weapons, resources and supplies and be Fully armed and you are ready to fight your opponents inside the game.

The focus should be in homes and enclosed places to find the largest number of weapons and be away from your opponents inside the game and from here all you have to move wisely and monitor the area you move carefully and preferably through my simple experience in the game Fortnite to settle in a specific place or region Be your favorite and be your destination for the entire battlefield.

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When your opponents appear, straighten your weapon at him and hit him through the weapon’s binoculars. After you kill him, capture his weapons and materials and do this process over and over again.

Fortnite game has a specific system within the battle, which is every specific minute determined by the game, it closes the areas from the largest to the smallest, narrows the battlefield and groups opponents in the battle to a stronger and more wonderful direction, and you will find that the adrenaline moves in your body and the internal struggle to stay in shape Life is in the game and also kill the largest possible number of opponents and you will feel the joy and excitement unprecedented in any other game.

The power of graphics provided by the game Fortnite on Android and iOS

After downloading Fortnite game on Android, you will find that the game offers great graphics and graphics and colors with great accuracy through which you feel as if you are playing inside the game in real and it is not just an ordinary game so that the game needs smart phones with good ability to get the best game and fighting experience and Action is unprecedented in any other game, so we will show you the requirements to run the game.

Requirements for running fortnite on Android and iOS

Operating system: Android version 8.0 or higher.
Required RAM: The minimum space for the RAM should be 3 GB RAM or higher, and the higher the RAM, the faster and more enjoyable when playing.
Phone Graphics: Mali-G71 MP20, Adreno 530 or Mali-G72 MP12 and above for a premium graphic experience.

How to download and install Fortnite for Android?

Many users have a problem downloading the Foret Night game on Android, but do not worry anymore. We will provide you with ways to download and install with pictures:

Of course we know that the fortnite game has been deleted from the play store, so click here and you will be directed to the game’s official website. A button will appear (play for free now), then another page will appear, click on the Download button.

Download the APK file with the name (EpicGamesApp) 3.36MB.

After this file has finished downloading, open it and start installing it on your phone via the install button, then wait for the file to be installed on your phone.

After the file is installed on your phone, open it.

After that the application will open and you will see a picture of the game Fortnite fortnite click on the image.

A new interface will appear to you and this interface is where we will install the game through and click on the word Install and the application will install the game within (5 minutes) and when installing the game do not open any application on your phone until the application does not re-download it again.

After you have successfully installed the fortnite game on your phone, open it immediately.

You will see the interface to open the game by creating a new account within the game so that you can play it by clicking on the (Create a new account) button.

It is preferred that you create a new account from the beginning and do not register a new account through a Facebook account as usual.

Type the first and last name, then write the name of the character you want the player to have.
After that, put your email address and then the password and agree to the terms of service. After that, you will click on Create an account. You must save this data necessary so that you can open the game through this account. Now you have created a new account within the game.

After that, a new list for the game will open for you, and it will have the word Install this install, which will download updates about the game and its area (average from 5 GB to 2.5 GB, depending on your phone type).

After completing the update, you will see a button (Play Now). Click on it. You have successfully downloaded and installed the Fortnite game on Android.

Start playing on your phone and enjoy this wonderful game and live the spirit of fighting, competition and fun through the fortnite game, the second part, the latest version.

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How to download and install Fortnite for Android with pictures?

Click on the word (play free now).

After that click on the word “Download”.

Click on the word Download, open the file, and complete the steps that we talked about in the previous paragraphs.

A fair and true comparison between PUBG and Fortnite

Of course we all know that the two games are based on the same idea as the player Action and open world Let us talk about the difference between the two players in a simple way:

Fortnite game: Fortnite game contains a wonderful graphic about a personal and realistic experience, and you will feel as if you are playing the game on a large HD screen with high accuracy with sound effects with shooting and aiming and the strikes from the opponent make you never get bored of the game in addition to weapons And its wonderful update and other distinct tools.

The pubg mobile game: we need to tell the truth that the most famous of which is the media media only, and of course the team spirit and the team competition, but the game graphics are very similar to the Playstation One graphic, and there is no difference on that other than the arrogance, the unreality of the weapons, and the aiming method Do not touch realism in anything like you refer to the time of the Middle of Honor games and the games that we were addicted to when they were young, and you will not be able to amend the weapons and update them to become stronger like the game Fortnite.

Of course, there are many users who are convinced of my point of view, and others are not convinced, and this does not harm friendliness of anything, but we must be fully convinced that the game Fortnite fortnite changed the idea of the open world to something of unprecedented pleasure in terms of islands on which the battle and the wonderful weapons are based. The most realistic, shooting, beating, and characters feel like being embodied in the character, feeling dread, fear, and longing during confrontations, and you also have a good chance to kill your opponent when facing directly.

Download Fortnite for android

Download Fortnite for iPhone

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

What tools does Fortnite offer for stronger challenges?

Of course there are many military tools and some of the movements and cards that Fortnite offers to get more fun and excitement on the battlefield, whether you are playing alone or with a team, depending on your preferred playing method.

When you kill a certain number of opponents inside the game, the game offers you gold medals, boxes, and gifts, whether from weapons, bombs, and bags.

Fortnite on Android and iPhone offers you many wonderful personalities and costumes that express your personality in reality and match your style in addition to obtaining gold coins after fighting many battles with an overwhelming victory through which you can buy stronger weapons than the weapons that Assemble them inside the battlefield, or provide your endurance for the strikes you may encounter from your opponents in the battle and many other tools.

There are many levels provided by the game Fortnite fortnite and play with professionals from all over the world, whether you are with them in the same team or compete with all ferocity and fierceness and also the game offers many tasks that you offer to obtain other gifts or upgrade your levels and your fighting experiences.

Fortnite latest APK features

  • Controls instructions: This list includes many tools from which you can control the character that you play with and also choose the mod that you want to play with either individually or collectively and get the missions provided by the game and also the treasury that includes your weapons exhibition whether it is Fez or machine guns And bombs and many weapons that you will discover by yourself after downloading the fortnite game on your Android mobile, and there is also the store of items, this store includes a list of resources and weapons that you can get inside the game, but by paying a financial fee so that you can get it immediately without Waiting for gifts from the game.
  • Settings: This part inside the game gives you the ability to control video quality or display the game’s graphics and graphics quality. You can choose from low, medium and high quality depending on the ability and efficiency of your Android phone in addition to controlling the game language whether it is selected in Arabic or in English and The degree of touch sensitivity, acceleration power, and many controls like sound, control, arithmetic, and privacy that the game offers to get a good experience on your phone.
  • Parental Controls: This feature provided by the fortnite game is one of the most important and strongest features that it offers at all to make parents have full control over the game’s operation and stop it to control the time their children play. These features made me offer my appreciation and respect to the game developer.
  • Reporting to the player: This is one of the second most important characteristics of the game for the most safe and privacy for users from all over the world and through you can submit a request to report a specific player within the game with sending the reason for reporting such as misuse of contact or an official name or formation of a team with enemies, harassment or fraud And hack.
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The patterns and modes offered by fortnite

  • Individual mode: This individual mode is where you can play alone to become the last player in the battle and stay alive to become the winner in the battle.
  • Marital Status: This is a situation in which you can cooperate with a friend of yours, and you and your friend begin the battle, and you remain steadfast, killed, and compete against opponents to reach an overwhelming victory.
  • Teams: Through this mode, you can play with an entire team from all over the world, and you must outperform the other team to reach victory for the fastest killing of both teams.
  • Rumble the team: This situation fights two teams to reach the royal victory, and this situation is full of fighting, where the first team that reaches the target or required number within the battle wins and many other patterns that you will discover and test yourself to be able to reach the pattern or the appropriate situation with you.

Features of downloading Fortnite for Android and iOS

  • High graphics: Fortnite game contains high graphics and great graphics, as if you live inside the game and more realistic when the battle begins with the use of weapons and hitting fire and many of the actions found within the game.
  • Available for all systems: One of the most important features provided by the fortnite game is that it is available on all smart devices such as Android and iPhone, as well as computers, xbox and playstation 4, and this is one of the most important reasons that made the game one of the best games for 2019 and met great admiration from all over The world is especially for game lovers.
  • Numerous patterns: Fortnite for Android and iPhone contains many great modes such as single, doubles and group mode, and get the most powerful gaming experience depending on your favorite situation, and you can change the modes through one click without any problems.

Disadvantages of  Fortnite on Android and iOS

Of course, despite the features in the game, but it has some drawbacks, but it does not contradict the fact that the game is great:

  • Large storage space: One of the most defects in the game is that it needs more than 6 GB, whether on the Android system or the iPhone system, so you must make sure that your phone has enough space to download the fortnite game.
  • RAM Memory: In order to download the fortnite game on your phone, your phone must be at least 3 GB RAM, and its processor has powerful capabilities in order to play the game on your phone.

This was a complete review of the fortnite game on Android and iPhone and the way to download and install it on your phone through the official website of the game and we gave you some advice and a fair comparison between the game of Bubgy and the game of Fort Knight and of course Fort Knight is in the first place and there is no debate on that if You have another opinion, or you want to know the phones that bear the big highs and need high graphics. Follow us and our message through the Facebook page and follow up on all that is new in the world of games, applications and mobile phones.

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