Download Facebook Messenger app for android and iOS

Download Facebook Messenger app for android and iOS

Facebook Messenger application is one of the most important applications in our world today and our article today will revolve on downloading Facebook Messenger, it is an integral part of the Facebook application which is the most important and most famous application in the world, as the Facebook Messenger application is the application through which users of the application can Facebook is able to communicate with their friends and acquaintances through messages, conversations and calls, whether audio or video calls, it is an independent application, but it is an important part of the Facebook application.

Facebook Messenger was released for the first time in August 2011, and this application has succeeded greatly, and the number of users of this application has reached more than 5 billion users, which is the same number of Facebook application users, and Facebook Messenger application is an application for chatting and written and audio conversations and video also, this is The application includes many advantages and is considered one of the best social networking programs at all.

From downloading Facebook Messenger, you can communicate easily with your friends and relatives for free and you can talk to them individually or collectively by creating a group to communicate and one of the advantages that the application added in recent updates is the ability to communicate also with the people in the user’s phonebook who do not have the Facebook application Through the application of Facebook Messenger, in addition to the features found in voice calls and video calls also distinctive, which make you can talk to anyone in the world with ease and without any costs, it is only sufficient to have internet access in your phone to be able to enjoy all these advantages.

In addition to all of that, Facebook Company is always working on developing the Facebook Messenger program and granting many distinctive additions such as the way of taking pictures and video and the ability to amend them also in a distinctive way and also adding a lot of fun to the talks by increasing the number of wonderful emojis, drawings and various animation. And trying to add something new in almost every update, so we must learn more about how to download the Facebook Messenger application and how to use it and enjoy the various advantages in it.

How to download and install Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS?

You must first make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet through the wifi or by opening the mobile date data transmission in the phone, and also make sure that there is enough space in the phone and then go to the store Google playstore and search in English for Messenger as it is placed in the picture, It will appear to you in the options and then you will click on it to refer you to the download page, you will click on install or install according to the language of the phone and you accept the terms of the installation and the installation will be done automatically after that and you will find the program icon on the surface of the screen.

You can download the latest update to the Facebook Messenger application through the following link:

Click here to download Facebook Messenger for Android

Click here to download Facebook Messenger for iOS

After downloading Facebook Messenger, you will open the program to perform the registration process so that you can communicate with your friends and relatives and you will do the following steps:

When you open a Facebook Messenger for the first time, you will be asked a question whether or not you have an account in the Facebook application. If you have an account, you will be asked to enter your email and password and will also ask you to enter the phone number and it will recognize you and link your Facebook account with the Messenger application, And if you do not have an account on Facebook, the program will ask you to enter your phone number and send you code to verify the phone number, and this is a new feature in Facebook, which is the ability to use Facebook Messenger without having an account on Facebook.

And Facebook Messenger will ask you if you want to download the contact information in your phone and the messages you have also or not, if you want that you will press on and if you do not want you will click on not now, and if you turn on this feature you will appear inside the messenger app all Your contacts as well as your existing text messages, but if you do not want that and want only your friends on Facebook to appear, you will click on Not Now. It will also verify your phone number and ask you if you want anyone who has your phone to add you to the Facebook Messenger application or not and will press OK or not now as you prefer and will also ask you if you want to integrate your message box into your phone inside the application or It does not tell you that this feature can be canceled at any time and that the text messages that you will send within the Messenger application using the phone number only and not the account of the addressee in Facebook will be treated with the same treatment as text messages on the phone in terms of price. After that, it will take you to the main interface of the application to start enjoying the various advantages of the Messenger application, from text conversations, calls, and audio recordings, as well as distinctive video calls.

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When you open Facebook Messenger, you will see the home page that includes both the messages or conversations that you had before and also a mini list of the active people at that time in addition to the list of favorites that includes your favorite people and who you talk to continuously, where the application puts them directly in That list, in addition to the list of people proposed for you to add in the Facebook application. On the home page, from the top you will find a search box in addition to a list of destinations or other options within the program that may be found at the top or below and we will talk about them in detail.

When you click on the home sign below, you will see the main page of the program that includes both the messages or conversations that you had before, as well as a mini list of people active at that time in addition to the list of favorites that includes your favorite people and who you talk to constantly.

When you click on the phone or call mark that indicates calls, whether audio or video, a list of your contacts will appear for you and you will find next to each name of them a contact mark and video mark as well and when you click on them you will start directly by making a call whether audio or video and you will also find at the top a choice To start group calls that include more than one person and when you click on them, a menu will appear for you to choose from among the group of people that you want to chat with and put them in one call. This is one of the new features that Facebook Company added in the Messenger application as this feature enables you to speak with a group of your friends or relatives At the same time .

When you click on the People or Group icon below, you will see the groups that include your friends, whether you created them or someone added you to them.

When you click on the options tab or three lines, a list of two options will appear, which are Messenger and Active, as shown in the picture. When you click on Messenger, a list of friends and contacts you have will appear to you whether they are using the Facebook application or not, and when clicking on the active, a list of people who are present or Active in Facebook at that time and you can press any person you want to talk to directly, there is also a key or button to close the chat and not appear actively, but then you cannot also know the active people at that time, and that option is available to you if you want to be active Or not as you prefer.

As shown in the pictures there are two different circles, one in the middle and when you click on it the camera in the phone will open and you can take pictures or record the video when you press and hold the camera button and then you can edit the images or send them as they are when you click on the arrow mark below and after This will refer you to the list of friends you have to choose who you want to send those photos or videos, or you can also save them on the phone through the check box that contains an arrow and you can also access the camera by swiping the home page to the bottom of the screen.

The other circuit in which there is a positive sign at Covering it will show you two options between making the call and writing messages and in both cases when clicking on any of them you will go directly to the list of friends or contacts that you have in order to choose who you want to make the call with or send messages to him, and these different options are considered a bit confused but It is an attempt by Facebook Messenger to facilitate and save time for users.

Chat in the Facebook Messenger app

First: text conversations in Facebook Messenger:

To start any conversation just click on the name you want to chat through the list of friends or contacts in Facebook Messenger or through active friends as we explained before, and the user can also search for the person he wants by entering the name or phone number after pressing The search box is at the top. And when you open the conversation, you will find a place for you to write, and when you press it, the keyboard will appear for writing, and we will find above the writing box several other options that we can use within the conversation, and we will explain each of them in detail.

  • First: the microphone mark, and when you click on it, a menu will appear for you to record the sound.
  • Second: The image mark and when you click on it, you will see a set of images stored in the phone memory and you can choose any of them and press the arrow mark to send or the mark of the pen if you want to modify the image before sending it.
  • Third: the emoji marker and when clicked on it will appear to the user many options between wonderful, funny and distinctive emoji and the user can choose between many of them in addition to that the user can download many of them also in the way he wants and those symbols are sent on their own to express the user’s feeling or for the sake of entertainment and not It can be sent with writing because it is large, so it can only be sent on its own.
  • Fourth: the camera mark and when you click on it you will go to the camera in the phone and you can take pictures or record video when you press and hold the camera button and then you can edit the images (where there are a lot of editing options) or send them as they are when you click on the arrow mark below .
  • Fifth: The three-point mark and when you click on it, you will first see two options: sending a picture in GIF format with adding a message with it and the program adds many images in GIF formats taken from the clips of different films, or sending the site after locating the user on the map that will appear in front of him in addition to a list Many of the applications that the application suggests to users that make the experience better.
  • At the top of the conversation, we will find a sign of both voice calls and the video calls sign in addition to the exclamation mark, and when you click on it, we will see many options and we will talk about them in order.
  • Next to the writing box, we find a mark for emojis as well, but these symbols are a small size that can be placed in the center of speech and sent with the writing.
  • And there is an advantage in those symbols that you can use some of these symbols in a fun way to play or illuminate a nice touch to the conversation, and you can play by clicking on these symbols and choosing the ball symbol and we will find many balls and sports means and we choose football or basketball so you can play with any One of them is as shown in the picture, and this feature is one of the fun things in the conversation where you can play alone or play with your friends as well. Also, when you click on the bulb icon and choose the balloon from inside when it is sent, the conversation will fill with color, which makes the conversation look great.

Explain how to make free calls on Facebook Messenger?

The user can easily and quickly make voice calls with high quality that enables you to speak with anyone anywhere in the world with ease and completely free of charge without any material cost or a certain limit of minutes so you can speak to whomever you want whenever you want and for the period you want as long as you have the Internet and the user owns You want to talk to the Messenger app as well. To make voice calls, the user clicks on the contact mark on the top inside the conversation, and the app will call directly.

As well as in video calls, the user can make video calls with ease and without any material costs as well, and when you click on the video mark in the conversation, the application will immediately call and direct you directly to the front camera and the user can transfer the camera between the back and front camera through the available camera conversion button Below, also if he doesn’t answer, he can leave a voice message.

There is also the possibility to make calls collectively, where the user can now speak with all his friends at the same time so that he can enjoy the experience of voice calls and video calls more with more options, and those updates all made Facebook application users do not need many applications in order to make calls Voice or video calls, as well as they do not need applications to make adjustments to pictures or videos, as Facebook has introduced a number of updates in the field of photo and video editing in many forms and features, so the user has become all he wants in one place.

As mentioned above, there is an exclamation mark next to audio or video calls, and it provides the user with many other options, and the user will find many options such as:

  • Notifications that enable the user to mute the notices of this conversation if he wants to, and can mute the sound for a period from 15 minutes to 24 hours or until the user retrieves it himself.
  • As well as the color and when you press it, the user will find many beautiful and bright colors that he can choose between many of them to change the color of the conversation as he wants which increases the enjoyment in the conversation.
  • And then finds the choice of emoji and through that selection the user can choose the symbol that he wants to place mainly inside the conversation and is at the bottom on the right and the user can use it quickly without the need to show the list of symbols and can choose between many wonderful symbols such as the admiration mark or the heart or Which symbol he prefers.
  • Messenger also added the choice of nicknames, and through that choice, you can change the name of the person you are talking to and give him any nickname you want, whether it is a pseudonym or any name that you prefer to say to him and he does not see that name except you and the person you are talking to, also you can give a nickname to yourself within that conversation as you like .
  • Then we find the option of a secret conversation, and through that option you can create a secret conversation between you and the person you are talking to and you can only open it through the phone that you created from it, meaning it will not appear if the account was opened from anywhere else. We also find options for voice and video calls again.
  • We also find a choice to remind occasions, and through that choice, you can set a reminder of events that bring you together with the person you are talking to, such as birthdays, remembrances of marriage, or any memory that you would like to be reminded of.
  • We also find the option to display the personal page that opens you the personal page of the person you are talking to on Facebook, and then we find the choice to create a group that includes the person you are talking to, and finally we find the choice of the ban that prevents that user from being able to communicate with you or send messages to you on Messenger .
  • We find inside that list at the top a three-point mark, and when you click on it a small list will appear to us that has several other options such as opening the chat image and that means that the application will be closed and the conversation will appear on the screen alone, or create a shortcut to that conversation on the external screen or delete Chat or report a problem in the conversation by sending a brief report that explains the problem with you to the developers of the Messenger app.
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How to modify photos and videos in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has added many advantages in the recent updates of the application, as it added many amendments that can be added and modified in the photos as well as the video, so the user can shoot many videos and add many effects and distinctive graphics to it.

When you click on the camera mark inside the conversation, the camera will open in the phone and to take pictures, you can click on the circle at the bottom and for video, you must press and hold until the shooting ends. We will find several icons at the top of the screen, first the camera switch tag, then the face icon, which gives the user many options from the distinctive and modern frameworks and many graphics that express different feelings, as well as moving pictures and graphics to express different actions, in addition to many drawings and masquerade symbols, as well Decorating graphics, all new and distinctive additions to the application of Messenger.

And when clicking on the letter Aa allows the user to write on the images or video in different forms, and when clicking on the slash mark the user can draw by hand on the images as he wants as well as the color that he wants as the application allows many colors.

Below we find on the right a color box resemblance mark and when you click on it we will find ready color images that can be overwritten or modified in it also and can also change the existing color as the user prefers by clicking on the color box mark on the top and those pictures can be published on your personal page on Facebook or save to personal phone as well.

And those updates all show the extent of the desire of the Facebook application to satisfy the users, as it tries to provide them with all the benefits within the Facebook application and the Messenger application, where he worked on developing video calls and voice calls, thus making them able to dispense with video and voice calls applications such as the Skype application and many video call programs The other.

It also tries to develop the experience of taking pictures and video by introducing many interesting and distinctive adjustments, thus ensuring that they do not need the various editing and imaging applications, even if those updates need development more in order to enter the effects and filters in the photo editing also so that it can and strongly compete with all other applications in the world of social Media. In spite of this, we must pay tribute to the application of Facebook Messenger, as it is from the beginning of its launch, and it offers users a distinct experience in chatting and text chats, and more recently in calls, whether voice or video as well, it is an easy to use program and works quickly and simple, and if in recent updates there are many options Which performs the same thing which confuses the user a little, but the design is still simple and comes with distinct colors and many options that try to make the user enjoy the experience of the conversation, as it is easy to use and anyone can use it easily.

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