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Download Call Of Duty Mobile for android and iOS

Download Call Of Duty Mobile for android and iOS

Call Of Duty Mobile: Download Call Of Duty Mobile game for Android phones, Call of Duty is one of the games that won the admiration of many people from around the world, as the game won wide popularity in the world, and Call of Duty Under the action games category.

Also, Call of Duty is one of the games category that belongs to Battle Royal, and it is a type of games that is very widespread in the recent period, as it is one of the fighting games category that is preferred by a very large number of people.

About Call Of Duty Mobile on Android and iOS

Call of Duty is among the games that can be downloaded on phones running the Android operating system, it is officially issued for Android.

The well-known company Activision developed the Call of Duty game and the company cooperated with Tencent to issue a copy of the Call of Duty game for Android phones, and Tencent is one of the largest companies working in the field of game programming in the world, it is the company that helped in the process Development of the popular Babbage game for Android phones.

Where the Babbage game was distinguished by the distinctive design and great features, which is the same as that of the Call of Duty game, the Call of Duty War for smartphones was released in an experimental way in the country of Australia only, and the Call Of Duty Legends Of War can be downloaded by downloading an APK file with OBB files which are required to open and run the game.

How to play Call Of Duty Mobile for Android and iOS?

Call of Duty game features easy and simple use, alive that anyone can start playing it, once the game is downloaded and installed on the phone.

Where the user after carrying the game can start competing in combat competitions on the Internet through the game Call of Duty.

The competition is in the game of Call of Duty by creating a group of teams that compete with each other in combat operations.

The two teams in the game of Call of Duty compete through the killings in order to get more and more points in the game and this is achieved by entering into many combat operations with fewer deaths in the team in order to achieve the victory for the team.

Call of Duty game provides players with the ability to do retraining in a number of seconds, until players are re-played after killing. A Call of Doom game has a host of other models, such as s / d, that can also be played in a netting type competition in the game.

Call of Duty game on Android and iPhone provides its users with wonderful and distinctive graphics to provide more ideal and favorite action for players.

The Call of Duty game is considered one of the professional games, as it provides a simulated experience in terms of killings, graphics, and graphics, in addition to the sound effects that are characterized by their intense situations, in cases of shooting and the use of different weapons available in the game without any exaggeration in the game.

It is possible to play in the game of Call of Duty in many different ways and ways, depending on the style of each player and his way of playing, then the aggressive method of play that takes place through the player’s search for other players can be taken so that he tries to defeat and kill them, and some players follow the negative method of playing the game So that the player is waiting for the enemies to reach him and then begins to confront them and can be played in this way from the beginning of dealing with the game in order for the player to be able to master the basics of the game.

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It is possible to play in the game of Call of Duty on the mobile through two types of play, either playing individually and this type does not require an internet connection, or playing collectively with multiple players in the game and this type requires an Internet connection, and the type of play can be chosen based on the player’s desire and according to His playing possibilities.

A fair comparison between Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG and Fortnite

Call Of Duty game: Call of Duty game became famous on computers, playstation and xbox in a huge way because it has a long history in the field of entertainment games, especially action and shooting games, and with its release on smart phones devices, whether Android or iPhone It had a very big precedent for what it adds from the features and a very powerful experience that simulates the world of real wars, since when you play COD for mobile you will enjoy very high sound effects and terrible graphics, in addition to the features that you will find when you engage in fights with your friends and The shape of the weapons is wonderful and distinctive, the focal point in the game was the process of modifying the weapons and adding to them many distinctive additions, in addition to that when you play Mode Royal Battle, you will notice that there are many characteristics that you will have, whether you will play with the character Ninja or Scout or Clown, Medic, Defender, Airborn, or Trickerset each of these characters has certain characteristics that can help you during the battle you enter in and of course this system is not present in Bubji or Fort Knight, and the means of transportation T in the game is very versatile and multiplayer, as you will be able to ride helicopters, armored vehicles and heavy cars with machine guns, and there is a lot that you will enjoy when playing the game and trying it out for yourself.

PUBG Game: The PUBG Game The game that has become very popular all over the world and has a very huge fan base, but as we mentioned in the game Fort Knight that the game was a social media very big factor in the popularity of the game Pubg, but this will not Its right to be a very excellent game is lost, especially after adding many new features and features in its latest update, it has become possible for you to play in the Snow Mode and use the snowboards, and in addition to the ability to play a special mode for cars and enter the battles with them, After the last update, the game became very wonderful, but the regular gameplay remains as if you are playing an old game, whether it is in the process of shooting or fighting, in addition to that you are in Bebji, you will not be able to amend the weapons at least and update them in order to be able to develop your personality within the game .

Fortnite game: Fortnite game is very famous and it is considered one of the most powerful action and shooting games that appeared in the recent period, but in Fort Knight the most prominent characteristic is the power of graphics, colors, great sound effects and updated weapons as well, but The game is flawed because it is very large in size and needs more than 6 GB, in addition to that it also needs phones with very high specifications in order to play it as the game needs at least 3 GB RAM and a processor with very strong capabilities in order to run it .

Our opinion: Each game has its own style and its fans and lovers, but about a personal experience for each of these games I can arrange for you games in terms of the fun that I gained through my experience, I preferred Call Of Duty in the first place because of it Of the many and many options that have made in front of me many methods that I can play without getting bored, but the game is very fast and the additions in it are very amazing, coming in the second place for the game Fort Knight and of course we do not need to say anything about the game that changed The open world perspective on smartphones is something completely unprecedented.

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But the cartoon character inside the game made me tend to COD in the first place, and in the end, Pubg I know that a lot can criticize me because of that, but I need to see it as a social media game and due to the appearance of a lot of hackers inside the game made many of its fans prefer other games Others, but it will still be a very great game.

About Call Of Duty Mobile for Android

Call of Duty game version 1.0.9, Android 4.0.0 or higher is required, and Call of Duty game is one of the favorite games for fans of action, excitement and competitive combat games, and the game got a rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 And that is on the application store Google Play Store, and the Call of Duty game is completely free and does not require root, and it is one of the games that needs the Internet.

The new version of the Call of Duty Mobile game was released for mobile phones running the Android operating system a year after the game was launched. The modern version was released through Activision, where Garena Mobile Private Studio partnered with Activision to build a new version of Cole’s bug Of duty.

So that the game is published completely free of charge on the application store Google Play Store, and the game of Call of Duty Mobile does not differ in its new version from its first version in terms of game design, method and style of play related to it, but in the version released by Garena Mobile Studio the company worked To improve the game and make it better, so a set of improvements and additional features that were launched on the servers are added.

How to download and play Call Of Duty Mobile for android and iOS?

You can download the Call of Duty game for free, the last version, by doing some easy and simple steps to run it and download the files related to it. These steps are as follows:

Download Call Of Duty APK file via its links.

Download the Call of Duty game app from the Google Play store app store, and then install the app on the phone in the normal way to install applications on the phone.

Download the OBB folder which contains zip files in order to run the game, after that a special application is browsed to browse the memory files on the phone so that it supports zip files with zip extensions, and then download the contents in the zip file to the Android / obb folder, in the memory Internal phone.

Awards won by Call Of Duty Mobile:

The first edition of Call of Duty won over 80 Game of the Year awards in 2003, and the second edition of the Call of Duty 2 series also earned the title of Xbox 360, selling one million copies of this version. The game was Call of Duty: Best Game by Sales in 2005.

The 2007 edition of Call of Duty Modern Warfar achieved very widespread success, with ten million copies of the game sold until 2008, and the Call of Duty Modern Warfar 2 game broke the record in terms of the highest total media sales in the market And that per day as it achieved $ 310 million in the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom of Britain, this version exceeded the record achieved by Grandes Theft Auto IV.

The version developed by Sledgehammer Games was one of the most successful releases as the game became the best in terms of sales.

Download Call of Duty Mobile for android

Download Call of Duty Mobile for iOS

Call Of Duty Mobile features on Android and iOS

The Call of Duty game has many great features that make it one of the most loved games in the category of action games, and these features:

  • There are many tools and accessories available in Call of Duty that enable the player to play in a fun way, such as hand-held bombs, unmanned military aircraft, and other various accessories and tools that players prefer.
  • The dynamic gameplay in Call of Duty is similar to that of gameplay in 7th generation console games.
  • Call of Duty has a feature that enables the player to customize and upgrade different weapons.
  • There are all different types of weapons that a player can use while playing in Call of Duty, as all weapons are available in its different categories.
  • Call of Duty enables its players to play sixty frames per second on devices that support this.
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Advantages of Call of Duty mobile for Android and iOS

Call of Duty Mobile game features many great features that make it one of the best action games for Android phones, as the game features more than 11 features to distinguish it from other games, and these features:

  • Call of Duty game is characterized by its support for many different languages ​​spoken by most people, where the game user can choose the appropriate language for him to run the game and play with ease, and Call of
  • Duty game is also supported by the Arabic language for its Arab users from the first season It was issued in it, unlike other games that support the Arabic language and put it in the application after it gained great fame in the Arab world.
  • Call of Duty includes many additions that are essential in the game such as helicopters, unlike other games that include non-essentials.
  • Call of Duty game features the creation of a dedicated room to play in a very easy way and at all times in order to play with friends without the presence of strangers players, and the Call of Duty game is distinguished from other games that have a feature to create a specialized room in that it provides this feature completely free The need to make real in-game purchases without requiring you to perform certain tasks, unlike other toys that have the feature of creating a specialized room for play in return for making real in-game payments or for finishing some tasks or waiting for some time.
  • The zombie phase in the game of Call of Duty differs from the other zombie stages that exist in other games, where the zombie phase in the game of Call of Duty does not only kill the zombies, but includes the completion of some missions in the phase.
  • The game of Call of Duty can be played on all devices with all different capabilities, as it can be played on devices with weak capabilities without significantly affecting the quality of the game and without affecting the game’s graphics, as the game appears in average quality on weak phones.
  • The game Call of Duty is characterized by high protection and great strength as the game does not guarantee any cheating operations, due to the development and protection of Call of Duty game with the participation of Activision, which works in the field of protection and development of games.
  • Call of Duty game features many different tools for playing as the 5vs5 gameplay, and the game also has distinct stages and missions.
  • Call of Duty Mobile game features excellent graphics and is very impressive as it provides powerful graphics, also Call of Duty game enables its users to control the game’s graphics by entering the game settings and choosing the desired graphic by the user, whether weak, medium or high.
  • Call of Duty is distinguished from its competing games in that the team in the game consists of five players, unlike other games in which the team consists of four players.
  • Call of Duty game includes many characters with the ability to change the characters easily and simply as the characters vary from youth and daughters, as Call of Duty game provides many of the characters completely free of charge.
  • Playing in the Battle Royale mode in the game of Call of Duty differs from other games where players in the Battle Royale mode are real players and not potatoes, and it is also possible to play in the Battle Royal phase of stage 10 and more.
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