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How to connect Spotify with Google Home?

How to connect Spotify with Google Home?

First, the intuitive solution appears – as the official connection guide recommends – to open the Google Home application on the smartphone, then click on the add icon (), and from the pop-up menu you should choose “Music and Audio” or Music and audio, and finally the user will find the Spotify application listed under the options He goes on playing his music.

توصيل Spotify مع Google Home

Those are the normal procedures, but some users have noticed that Spotify does not appear as a listed service that can be chosen (in the last step above), even after avoiding all possible problems associated with Spotify when connected to a Google Account.

توصيل Spotify مع Google Home

Initially, we linked a Spotify service or account to a Google Account, and when trying to play a music track from Spotify, we were surprised by a message stating that this process required a premium subscription to the Spotify service, and this was another strange matter from Google Home; This is because the Spotify user account is already working with a Premium subscription, which has been an additional surprising obstacle.

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After a while, and by looking at some solutions and tips from here and there, it became clear that a few steps should be taken that are not familiar to many users, but they will guarantee the proper delivery. At least as it worked out there.

Firstly; You must delete all the data stored by the Spotify application on your smartphone, and after doing that you must log in again, but not using the user’s email ID as usual, but rather via “device username” or Device Username; Which can be obtained from the payment receipt in the email, or within the Account Information field on the Spotify website.
Ear; Log in the normal way to your Spotify account through the official website of the service, then click the three horizontal dots next to the account picture, and from the popup menu at the time choose “My Account” or Account.

توصيل Spotify مع Google Home
  • Under the list titled “Account Overview”, choose the “Set Device Password” action.
  • Here you will see “Device Username”, which is a somewhat random and lengthy string of numeric and text characters, and if you haven’t set a password for it yet, you should do so immediately, set the username for that device, and keep it in your mind or copy it in a place What you will inevitably need in the next steps.
  • right Now; We are aware of the most confusing step, as you have to open the Google Home app, and from the home page click on the microphone icon or icon in the lower middle section.
  • The previous procedure will activate Google Assistant, but you do not need to say anything to it, just click on the compass icon in the lower right section.
  • Under the search field, type the word “Spotify”, and press the service icon as it appears in the pop-up suggestions.
  • Here, you will be able to see if your Spotify account is actually linked to a Google Account, and if it is physically linked you will see an action button labeled “Unlink” or then you should click on that button and unlink.
  • The whole process of the process will apply to your account even if it was linked with a Google account before, you must now link the two accounts (Link), and you will be asked to log in, then do this using “Device Username” in the Username or Email field in the case Normal, and then enter the password that you set according to the previous steps above.
  • Now, you should be able to connect Spotify with Google Home without any issues, so have fun.
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At this point, the reason for all these obstacles is still not completely clear, as all of these obstacles to distinguishing the device are not justified for Spotify, but in the end we managed somewhat, and it became possible to enjoy this kind of distinctive services.

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