TP-link TD-8840T

TP-link TD-8840T (Interface 4)

CPE details 

Default Gateway Username Password admin admin

Quick Setup

1- After your successful login, you will see the main menus on the left . Click Quick Setup menu to access Quick Setup Wizard.


2- Change the VPI or VCI values

3- Select PPPoE WAN Link

4- Enter the Username, Password and Confirm Password given by your ISP

5- confirm all parameters, Click Previous to modify or click the Save button to make the configuration take effect.

6- You will see the Complete screen below, click Finish to complete these settings.

Wan Setting

1- From the main menus on the left,  Choose “Network” then “WAN Settings”,



then WAN setting 

2- delete all the configuration wan interfaces , Click Add to add a new entry

3- you can configure the parameters

Choose “Status”, you can see the information about Device Information, DSL (upstream & downstream ), WAN IP .


Choose menu “Firewall” then  “Rule”

Factory Defaults


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