IOS How Connect to a network wi fi

Apple Mobile/Tablet Wireless


1.Connect to a network:

  •        – Press settings -> Wifi -> enable:

-Choose your network name and a check mark will appear beside your network name if your network doesn’t need password or saved before:

 -When your device is connected to your network a Wifi sign  will appear in the status bar.

2.Connect to a network:

 -A lock sign will appear beside every secured network:

-Write down the network password ( pre-shared key, passphrase) then press join:

3.Connect to hidden network:

-To connect to hidden network you will select other

-Insert your network name and choose security:

-Write down the network password ( pre-shared key, passphrase )

4.How to forget WIFI network:

-Open settings > wifi

Select the (!) sign beside your network name 

-Choose forget this network then press forget

Check / Edit TCP/IP (including DNS)

click on network name then DHCP settings wil be shown and editable

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