The UTorrent program is used to download from the Internet for all the files you want, it is one of the download programs for the computer, which, undoubtedly, we must mention the giant Internet Download Manager, but here are some differences that make both advantages and priority for some users, and by returning to the Utorrent program we find it The best torrent sites for those who want to download from these programs, but first let us know what is torrenting.

What are torrent downloaders?

My torrent is called protocols for sharing files across the Internet between users and each other, where the exchange of files between people with each other without the presence of a third party, imagine that we want to download a program or a specific file from torrent sites, and others want another file and the file required for you is available on Computer, this program exchanges files between users, you are downloading, and in return, your computer makes an online upload at the same moment as the download.

Torrenting programs differ from regular download programs as they are not limited in the source from which you will download from, as regular download programs carry the files from the upload servers already on the Internet, while torrenting is carried out directly from the program’s users ’devices and Internet users and they download files via torrent.

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About the Utorrent program

Utorrent program is one of the programs with great popularity in downloading from the Internet via the BitTorrent protocol, the first program in production that started the march of this type of download program, and then the matter developed until it became first in the requests for download programs, where it can download files of any size At one time, the update supports hundreds of times per file and other features that we list in the next paragraph.

Utorrent features

  • Free program.
  • Supports Arabic language besides English and many other languages.
  • Ease of use through its easy and simple interface.
  • You can use it to download all kinds of files from programs, videos and other files.
  • The ability to view the visible files at the moment of downloading, and the complete file download is not required to be able to do so.

Disadvantages of the Utorrent program

  • Share it on your computer, as as we explained, if you have a specific file that anyone in the world searches for, your computer will give it to you via file exchange protocols.
  • Sometimes the downloads may be incomplete on the internet, so you can note that the file did not move the download rate from 0%, but there is no problem, you should download from another link.

How to install the Utorrent download program

Click here to download Utorrent for free

The next window will appear, click Agree Approval.

Continue the installation by clicking Next.

The next window shows you the choices you can make, for example creating a copy of the program on the desktop.

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Leave the options as is, and click Next.

Leave the following options as is and click Next.

Wait for the program to be installed on your computer.

The next window shows you to complete the successful installation of Utorrent on your computer.

Click Finish to open the main program window.

How to use Utorrent download program

The next window is the main program window.

Once your torrent file has been downloaded, it will be opened using the program automatically, leave it until it is finished downloading from the Internet.

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